How To Rock Knee Boots This Winter


Winter Fashion

Getting your winter fashion game sorted is a must for surviving the season in style.

While you don’t need an entire wardrobe overhaul for the colder months, there are some key pieces that will have your back throughout the season. The knee-high boot is definitely one of them. Adding warmth and an instant chic factor to any winter fashion ensemble, knee-high’s really are made for walking.

If you’re looking to add them to your footwear collection, here are some things worth considering. These go for over-the-knee boot styles as well!

Your Everyday Staple vs Occasion Wear

If you plan to wear your knee-high boots out and about for an entire day, it’s best to avoid suede finishes. That is, unless you’re up for the challenge of avoiding puddles and rain all winter long. For a reliable everyday boot option, go for a low block heel or even flat boots. The high cut of a knee-high boot already elevates your look, so you don’t need a sky-high heel to stand out.

Which Heel Is Right For Me?

Matters of comfort aside, it pays to think about what kind of heel will suit your style. If you’re all about polished sophistication, you might want to opt for a classic block heel. If you’re a glam girl through and through, a stiletto knee-high boot is bound to deliver your winter fashion needs. For more experimental types there’s plenty to pick from including abstract heels, chunky heels and even on-trend western-style booties.

Don’t Be Afraid to Make a Statement

You don’t have to shy away from bold colour and print when rocking a knee-high boot. If your winter fashion wardrobe consists of mostly neutral tones, what better way to add some edge than with a killer faux snakeskin print or a bright red pop of colour? After all, statement prints and long-term wearability are not mutually exclusive.

Have Fun With Styling

This winter fashion trend is way more diverse than you’d think. Yes, knee high-boots and a great pair of skinny jeans are a killer combo. So are bare legs, boots and a great longline coat. Even a slip dress or playsuit work well under a super cosy coat, and with the added warmth of knee-highs, you can get away with keeping those spring pieces on rotation for a little while longer.

For more boot styles to add to your winter fashion look, head to our post on Boot Styles We Love.


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