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Tips on How to Find Your Signature Style

Fashion Style that Defines Who You Are

Feeling overwhelmed when it comes to putting your outfits together and finessing your look? A signature style that reflects to the world who you are and the way you feel about yourself can help. It’s an effective way to streamline the whole process of getting ready to go out, even if it’s just to go to work. Almost as important, it makes shopping for fashion so much easier and more fun! And it doesn’t have to be difficult. Here are our tips for figuring out what you want to say about yourself through your fashion and style choices – your signature style.

Fashion Style

Get Inspired 

It’s totally normal to have no idea where to start. If you’re confused, take some time to think of what styles you’re drawn to. Do you swoon over Stevie Nicks’ witchy ensembles? Maybe you prefer tomboy chic? Start a Pinterest board and collect the outfits that make you weak in the knees. You’ll soon see a trend emerging.

It helps to remember and write down how you feel when you wear different garments.  Try to work out what it is about particular garments that make you feel comfortable and confident. Once you know why, future outfit choices and garment selections become easier without your options becoming too restrictive. Remember, we’re talking signature style not straight-jacket style.

You don’t have to commit to one vibe forever, but it’s useful to figure out what you usually like. Be creative. This stage is all about letting your imagination run wild.

Make Room for the New

It’s time to Marie Kondo your closet and get rid of your tired items. If you’re still holding onto those cutesy statement tees from high school, purge them. Anything that no longer represents you only adds to the clutter. Either sell them online or donate them to a worthy cause.

First Nations Fashion Design
Image: Dimitra Koriozos

If something isn’t functional or doesn’t make you feel like a million bucks, it’s not worth the space. By clearing out the old you’ll have more room for a new fashion style.

Question Your Assumptions

Never say never. Do you adore bold red lipstick on other people but think you could ‘never pull it off’? It’s time to let that belief go. Don’t confine yourself to rigid boxes. Remember, once it was totally scandalous for women to wear pants. Experiment with something new! You might just stumble across your favourite new style in the process.

Rebel against the status quo and don fashions you’ve been told you shouldn’t wear. Remember when conventional advice told us to avoid horizontal stripes at all costs? You know, because it might make us look a size larger? Shock, horror! Might be time to throw that one out the window.

Hayley Hughes aka Fashion Hayley

Be Open to Change

It’s ok to wear all black one year then fall in love with bright colours the next. As you grow, you might find you want to express different things to the world. Let your style evolve as you do.

First Nations Fashion Design
Image: Dimitra Koriozos

Your changes might even be more frequent. Maybe you spend your weekends barefoot in drifty dresses, only to polish up for your corporate gig during the week. These contrasting sides of your personality only make you more interesting. Embrace them.

Consider Accessories

We’re not just talking neck pieces, shoes, bags, legwear, belts, jewellery and sunglasses. Your signature style is not finished without the right mix of make-up styling and lipstick colours. That also goes for hair colour, cut and length. And nails. Your preferred colour palette will influence your selections to finish your look.

Yup, there’s a lot to think about. But once you’ve decided on your preferred colours and whether you prefer simple lines and cuts, or complex colour schemes and layers, you’ll be well on your way to developing your signature style.

Looking for fashion bloggers to follow to help you find your own signature style. Why not start with these Plus Size Fashion Bloggers.

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