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Jessica Bratich Changes Tack – Fashion & Style

Letter from the Heart as
Australian Designer Reaches Out

Australian designers are going through tough times right now.  After a gruelling 2018, many are reviewing their positions in the world of fashion and style. For everyone right now, business plans are under review.

Perth bag designer Jessica Bratich  has reached out to her loyal customers in an email sent today.  The email asks people to bear with her as she offers a huge sale of her current Australian designer range without adding new collections ranges to her label.  This on-line sale is her biggest ever with nothing over $50. We especially love her range of vegan leather bags for their colour and on-trend shapes.

Australian designer bags Jessica Bratich

Tough times and a demanding role as a loving mother are behind her decision to review her business strategy and where she takes her business from here.  For Jessica, it’s not just a matter of considering fashion and style. There have been “plenty of late nights up to midnight designing and working only to be woken through the night by kids and then up early in the morning.”

Australian designer bags Jessica Bratich

Here’s what Jessica said:

To My Loyal Customers,

Currently it is tough retail market, particularly for local designers. It’s very hard for us to compete with the big chain stores who mass produce and offer products for next to nothing. You will notice how over the last few years many local designers and boutiques have shut their doors cause business is no longer viable. I myself have found it extremely tough and know several other designers who feel just like me. We work long hours designing and going back and forward with factories to create designs we love and we think our customers will love too.

I myself have 2 young kids and I have found it extremely tough working around them and their schedules. Plenty of late nights up to midnight designing and working only to be woken through the night by kids and then up early in the morning. It’s been a hard slog thats for sure. There is so much that goes into design that I didn’t quite understand until I started doing it myself. 

Passion is what has kept me going andI really love what I do. I would love to continue to do so and for me to do this I have to re-evaluate my business strategy. I won’t be putting out any new collections for winter and will be focusing on selling through the stock I have. I will be reevaluating my business plan and working on some smaller more unique design projects in the mean time. Once I get through this I will be able to let you all my loyal customers where JESSICA BRATICH plans to go from here. 

Thank you for your support so far and I hope we can get through this tough period of retail and come out better for it on the other side. In the mean time enjoy the huge sale I have on now!!

Jess xx

Jessica Bratich

Jessica Bratich Bags are available via our on-line store. To see more of the Jessica Bratich sale, click here. Or, how your support for Jessica via her Instagram account.

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