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Australian Designer Shoes You Should Know

Australian Shoes – Designer Brands

In any mall, in any Aussie city, you’re bound to come across well-known specialty shoe retailers. Familiar names include Tony Bianco, Jo Mercer, Wittner, Jaggar and Mollini. As new designer labels make their way into the Australian fashion landscape in this Covid-19 climate, most are steering towards the online market place.  While they might not be in a  any mall near you, here are some eye catching Australian shoe brands you should know.

Lana Wilkinson

Australian Designer Shoe Brand - Lana Wilkinson
Image credit: Danielle Castano

First launching in 2019, celebrity stylist Lana Wilkinson launched a new range of her high-end shoes around the time Covid-19  was shutting down the Virgin Australia Melbourne Fashion Festival. It might seem an impossible hurdle to overcome. Not so for Lana. Her premium quality kicks have been selling out on-line. This is one of the new Australian designer shoe brands that will become a mainstay for years to come.

Website: Lana Wilkinson
Instagram: By Lana Wilkinson

G Terlato

Luxury Australian Shoe label T Gerlato

Gesualdo Terlato draws on his years of design experience in the bridal and couture game to harness traditional techniques and celebrate the art of shoe designing. His luxury shoes are crafted from Italian leather, silk and suede and feature Swarovski crystals, beads and pearls. Each handcrafted, lovingly made piece is intended to turn heads for the woman wearing them. Make no mistake. These are designer luxury in every sense.

Instagram: G Terlato


Australian Designer Shoe Brands - Hezzalux

Luxury cushion-lined high heels don’t get much more comfortable than Hezzalux. Designer Hether Horan spent years in the corporate world trying to find an answer to designer heels that looked good but were deadly painful to wear. Hezzalux shoes are high-heeled, well-crafted and super-padded, with patent pending.  While this Australian shoe designer brand is focused on comfort, Hezzalux’s designer looks speak for themselves. Part proceeds from sales go to children’s charities.

Website: HezzaLux
Instagram: Hezzalux


Luxe shoe label -DESYLLAS
Shoe designer Helena Pantahos has started her collection with a luxury shoe for women that is cruelty-free. Her luxe vegan footwear brand is handmade with Italian craftsmanship. DESYLLAS’ limited edition Majesty shoe is made from gold polyurethene and Swarovski and Precosia crystals. Definitely statement material!

Instagram: Desyllas.Official

Preston Zly

Quirky Australian designer shoe brands - Preston Zly

Designed by Johanna Preston and Petr Zly, Preston Zly also has a retail outlet known as The VAULT 389, in Rathdowne St Carlton. The label offers unique and quirky designs from high heels to flats, boots to sandals. With a focus on sustainability, Preston Zly footwear is made from natural materials such as leather and wood. This allows them to be re-soled and buffed “to almost new condition by an experienced professional”.

Website: Preston Zly
Instagram: Preston_Zly


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