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Future Runway

The Future of Fashion has been revealed as graduates from Perth’s fashion design schools took over the runway at the 20th Telstra Perth Fashion Festival. Always popular, diverse and exciting, the most creative runway of the year presented outfits in six categories.

It’s the second year that Wearable Technology has been included as a category. This exciting field offers futuristic style interpretations that warp the limits of fashion and encourages students to explore smart fabrics, cutting-edge textile applications and the latest developments in micro technology trends.

The winners, named below, each receive $1,000 from Telstra.

Ready to Wear Womenswear
Genevieve Page,
Edith Cowan University

Eco Design
Annabelle Russo
North Metro Tafe

Ready to Wear Menswear
Maree Aldred
South Metro Tafe

Catherine Kelly
South Metro Tafe

Wearable Technology
Jasmine O’Brien,
South Metro Tafe

Samantha Quealy
South Metro Tafe

Here’s a glimpse of what the future of fashion looks like.

Future of Fashion backstage at TPFFFuture of Fashion backstage at TPFFFuture of Fashion backstage at Telstra Perth Fashion Festival Future of Fashion backstage at TPFF Future of Fashion backstage at TPFF   Future Runway at Telstra Perth Fashion Festical

Future Runway at Telstra Perth Fashion Festical

Wearable Technology – Jasmine O’Brien

Future Runway at TPFF

Eveningwear Winner – Catherine Kelly

Future Runway at TPFF- Menswear winner

Ready to Wear Menswear Winner – Maree Aldred

Future Runway at TPFF Eco winner

Eco Design Winner – Annabelle Russo

Future Runway at TPFF

Ready to Wear Womenswear Winner – Genevieve Page

Future of Fashion at TPFF - Best Costume

Costume Winner – Samantha Quealy

Backstage Photos: Dimitra Koriozos
Runway Photos: Stefan Gosatti

Check out the spectacular closing night runway party here!




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