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Adelaide Fringe Festival Starts Tonight

Adelaide Fringe Festival 2021
19 February – 21 March

The Southern hemisphere’s biggest Fringe Festival is on again, starting tonight in the heart of Adelaide! Despite Covid-19 limitations, the biggest Fringe Festival in the world next to Edinburgh, the Adelaide Fringe Festival 2021, will host 800 shows from tonight until 21 March.  

The biggest and the best of Australia’s Fringe Festivals, even Covid-19 couldn’t stop it from going ahead. It’s Australia’s favourite festival and organised in Covid-safe small venues and open air theatres, you’ll still be able to sing, laugh, be amazed, inspired and dance at the non-stop party that is the Fringe! 

For anyone who’s  ever hoped to get a glimpse of the Aurelia Borealis and missed out, this is your chance. An amazing  Borealis experience is being brought to the night sky over the Adelaide parklands every night of the festival!

“High power laser beams travel through particle clouds to create the illusion of Aurora Borealis; variations in weather conditions, movement, colour, and density mean that the effect is different every night. Move through the canopy, be transported by a stunning soundscape and marvel at BOREALIS as it flickers among the trees and reflects over the lake at Mullawirrapurka.”

And that’s only one of the 800 shows to choose from! You’ll need to head to the Adelaide Fringe website to get a full view of everything that’s on offer. While there are events all over the city and the state, the Fringe’s central hubs, Gluttony and the Garden of Unearthly Delights remain at the heart of activities in Adelaide’s east end.  Roads close to traffic, dining tables are set up in nearby Rundle Street and the whole town takes on a carnival atmosphere.  It’s the absolute best fun on offer anywhere in the country right now. 

Image: Smashed – The Brunch Party, Garden of Unearthly Delights. Photo: Morgan Sette

Check out how we’ve involved some of your favourite Fringe Performers in showcasing Australian fashion, thanks to the fashion retailers in Rundle Street East!

Cultural Renegades
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