Two Brunettes and a Gay


Fringe Performers Take Over Rundle Street East
for Fashion Shoot

The Adelaide Fringe Festival has hit town and with it a slew of local and international performers are taking over the city’s already vibrant East End. Local act Two Brunettes and a Gay took over the precinct to model the latest offerings from iconic fashion labels Gorman and M.J. Bale, both located in Rundle Street East.

The retailers opened their doors and welcomed the performers to choose garments for a performance styled fashion shoot set in and around the popular fashion and dining hub.

The “Two Brunettes”, aka Deanna Kangas and Celeste Carbone, (sisters) have been performing at the Fringe for 7 years with “a Gay”, Aaron Collis. They describe their show as #Caba-Gay.

Two Brunettes and a gay modelling Gorman and M.J. Bale in Rundle Street East

Deanna (L) in Gorman Sketchbook Dress, heels & bag. Aaron wears M.J. Bale Tintura Pink Shirt, Jaques Jacket, McQueen Chino, Bringingham umbrella. Celeste in Gorman Carrie Crop Tank & Palm Tree Mini Skirt.

Your usual style, when not performing is…?
Deanna: Corporate Chic
Celeste: Boho Chic
Aaron: Eclectic Chic

How easy was it to find something you liked?
Deanna: It was easy because the staff were so helpful and had a better idea of fit, than I. The clothes look a lot different off than on.
Celeste: Quite easy because I wear a lot of skirts and tops and Gorman have a lot of that.
Aaron: Pretty easy because my taste is so eclectic. I like anything that is on my colour range and trying different styles that are in my colour.

Two Brunettes and a gay modelling Gorman and M.J. Bale in Rundle Street East

Deanna (L) wears Mary Anne Wrap Dress, Celeste (C) in Leopardess Pinafore. Aaron wears Earlham Shirt, Harris Belt, McQueen Chinos.

Favourite outfit from today?
Deanna: The orange wrap dress. I would definitely wear this.
Celeste: What we wear on stage is a lot of sequins and glitter so the colours are the same but the textures are different. It’s nice to have a contrast between what you wear on stage and what you wear on a daily basis. My favourite is the pinafore.
Aaron: The white chinos, belt and striped shirt is more me.

Two Brunettes and a gay modelling Gorman and M.J. Bale in Rundle Street East

In their favourite outfits: Deanna (L) Celeste (C) & Aaron

You perform just off Rundle Street East at Gluttony. Do you ever spend time in the area outside of Fringe?
Deanna: I shop and dine in the area. There’s so much vegan food on offer, it’s easy.
Celeste: Often come down here for shopping and eating. Always come through Rundle Street East to get to the Fringe as well.
Aaron: I shop down here for clothes. Been a few times just recently.

What can we expect from your show?
Aaron: A little bit of Tina Turner, Cher, Madonna, Whitney and Lady Gaga along with lots of colourful clothes. It’s a tribute to some of the world’s iconic queens of music.

Two Brunettes and a gay modelling Gorman and M.J. Bale in Rundle Street East

Gorman: 269-271 Rundle Street East     M.J. Bale:  253a Rundle Street East

Two Brunettes and a Gay
appearing at Gluttony
Adelaide Fringe Festival
Corner of  Rundle Street East and East Terrace
Nightly 8.40pm until Sunday night, 24th February 2019


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