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Sustainable Fashion Trends of 2021

The sun is shining and it’s time to put your best foot forward. Whether you are slowly emerging from a lockdown or have been enjoying a bit more freedom, it’s a brand new season and everyone wants to dress up! So let’s dive into the top ten sustainable fashion trends for spring and summer, 2021!

1. Shopping the Home Wardrobe

Before hitting checkout on your virtual cart, see what’s in your wardrobe first. Rewearing what we already own isn’t a faux pas anymore, it’s what all the cool people do! Look no further than Earthshot, where the dress code for celebrities was “to consider the environment when choosing your outfit” and NO-ONE wore anything new!

Experiment with mixing up your regular uniform with those pieces hidden in the back of the wardrobe. Who knows, you could even find a new favourite look for your next eco-event.

2. Flipping It

Have you been staring at that white shirt with the spaghetti stain for ages? Not sure what to do with it? Try your hand at upcycling it. A quick hand sewn patch over the stain gives you a whole new, uniquely you garment. If you are ready to step up the skills, try creating a whole new garment from some unworn ones. Or slice up a dress for a top and skirt set. A new outfit for next to nothing!

Better still, try reversing the look by wearing the shirt back to front. Buttons down the back are sooooo cool.

3. “I’m Gunna Pop Some Tags”

No doubt all you thrifty style gurus whose local op shop has been closed for weeks, will be ready for a good preloved haul when they reopen! Luckily, buying second hand is still in vogue. (Did it ever go away?) Get ready for your upcoming thrift trip with a shopping list and a bag of good quality donations. Ready to shop now? Hit up eBay or the Salvos online store to satisfy your preloved urge.

4. Luxuriating in Loungewear

Like it or not, loungewear is here to stay. These versatile uniforms are no longer a reminder of the dredge of lockdown life. Now they are styled for supermarket runs and casual picnics alike. From casual matchy sweat sets to luxurious silken pairs, looking glam is helping keep up spirits up when stuck at home.

Keep your loungewear working beyond lockdown by experimenting with some new looks. Jumpers thrown over summer dresses beat the spring chills. Add some sneakers and a trench to sweatpants for a casual op-shopping trip.

5. The ’90s Are Back, Baby

90s Fashion Trends
Image: @indosole

There is nothing more sustainable than reliving the trends of past eras. And right now the late ’90s and early naughties are back in full swing. Butterfly clips, low sung jeans and tie-dye details have already cemented themselves this year. But another Spice Girl staple has just arisen, platform thongs. Embrace the zigazig-ah with a full rainbow platform or keep it more low key with a more minimal look. Don’t forget your bucket hat!

6. Fabrics for a Better World

Image: @kobicollection_ Sustainable Cork Bags

Sustainability continues to be a buzzword for 2021 as conscious citizens seek better options for their wardrobes. Enter conscious fabrics. Conventional fabrics like leather, wool and even cotton can cause some unnecessary harm to the earth. To help combat this, companies like Desserto are developing Cactus leather alternatives with a smaller environmental footprint. Even mushrooms, coffee grounds and apples are becoming fantastic fabric alternatives. While they may have their challenges, these innovative ideas are what drives the fashion industry forward.

7. Puffing it Up

The balloon style sleeve that perched on everyones shoulder in 2018 has stuck around well into 2021. But don’t go getting rid of those puff sleeve delights, they still have many wears left yet. Make them look new again by layering with a vest over the top or styling them with some unique flats

8. #WFH Comfort

For many of us, working from home is the new normal. But that doesn’t mean we can’t still dress up. Endless Zoom meetings are still a reality for some, so comfort dressing is key. Keep it smart on top with a blazer and chill on the bottom with luxurious loungewear, no one will ever know what’s below the keyboard. If business casual isn’t your thing, stick to some cosy matching sets. Knitwear in natural tones is perfect for a comfortable, but still smart outfit for those unscheduled Zoom meetings. Combining our business attire with sweatpants keeps us from buying unnecessary clothes, a win for the planet and our wardrobes. 

9. Getting Bold

After months of hibernation, we are ready to shine again! Bring on those loud prints and big bold colours. To keep it sustainable, mix and match with prints already in your wardrobe. Clash florals with spots and pair stripes with stripes. Anything goes in the battle of the bold!

After months of hibernation, we’re ready to shine! Bring on those lous prints and big bold colours. To keep it sustainable, mix and match with prints already in your wardrobe. Clash florals with spots and pair stripes with stripes. Anything goes in the battle of the bold!

10. Baguettes are Back

No, not the breadstick, the bag. A throwback to the 90’s and early naughties 00’s style, these small bags are worn over the shoulder and under the armpit. While Fendi first debuted the original baguette bag on the arm of Carrie Bradshaw in Sex and The City, you can still get your fix without blowing your rent. Vestiaire Collective is home to a wide range of preloved luxury brands including some beloved baguette bags. Or you could hit up your local op shop for an exact dupe that’ll have people saying “where did you get that?”.

We all know that fashion trends come and go, so the best fashion advice? Don’t get too caught up in them, wear what you feel good in. But if that puff sleeve trend is calling your name, then hightail it to your local op shop for a trip back to any decade you desire. After all, aren’t we the ones who should be setting the trends?

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