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Why Everyone’s Wearing Flats This Season

Australian Shoe Brands

Well, the first reason is a no-brainer. Half the country is stuck in lockdown, inside their own homes, with nowhere to go. But over and above our present situation, the general trend is still there. When it comes to Australian shoe brands, everyone’s going for flats.

Women are pushing their high heels to the back of their shoe racks and it’s a trend that’s not going to change anytime soon. Stilettos and pumps were the first to be replaced by chunky heels and wedges. Then followed the rise of the designer sneaker and glitzed-up sandals. At fashion and celebrity events around the world we’ve been seeing more models, influencers and public figures swap out heels for flats and the industry is taking note.

More Australian shoe brands are offering sustainable flats, boots and sandals at accessible prices. That means, being a career woman on-the-move is easier than ever. Whether you’re a shoe addict or looking for the latest trends, there are a few more reasons why flats are *so* this season:

Gender Unity

Three men wearing high heels in front of the Eiffel Tower

There’s less parading around the city streets in stilettos like Carrie Bradshaw. You can laugh, but equal ‘shoe rights’ is catching on. Flats are becoming the way of the future as women look toward fashionable footwear that can be worn all day. Everyone’s had enough of calluses, poor posture, or hurting their bank accounts. Heels can be so uncomfortable that it’s more a matter of gimmick than style or gender identity when we see men having a go at wearing them. The shoe is definitely on the other foot and more women are seeking stylish comfort in flats.

The idea of becoming “eye candy” for anyone who’s looking is on the wane. The torture of heels always came at a cost. So it’s no wonder that the trend of comfort meeting style is dominating –we’re even seeing women pair designer sneakers with couture, including women in traditional bridal wear! Who wants to have their big day ruined by not being able to walk or dance in comfort?

Everyday Perfect

Hasn’t everyone had a heel snap from under them at least once? Stilettos aren’t designed to be worn all day. Even the metal rod in the heel holding you up knows it. Women of the world are turning to flats for longevity, reliability and every day style, with added arch support for good measure.

Not sure how it’s done? Why not try sustainable white Veja sneakers with a tailored suit? Or Nelson Made slides for casual elegance? Even Pole Studio‘s classic black loafers pair with any office oufit! Go for Citrus if you feel a little more bold.

Uniquely Individual

While most women love a reliable Australian shoe brand, the best part about sporting flats this season is that you can make the style your own. There are no “unwritten rules” when it comes to shoes. So pair your favourite flats with outfits that make you feel confident! Having a night on the town seems fitting in a pair of flatform Ormond Ginger brogues by Habbot.

Fashion Boutiques Adelaide
Ormond-Ginger by Habbot

You can still add height without getting sore feet later. Try these colourful, quirky flats to embody absolute confidence.

Forever Stylish

Australian shoe brands - elegant flat sandal by Nelson Made

Style isn’t about tradition. It’s about attitude and confidence. That means changing up your shoe-scenery goes hand-in-hand with experimenting. So, wearing flats can be just as stylish as heels, if done right. More women are finding the courage to break with the ‘old’ and go with flats for comfort and health.

Put it this way. Say you’re in comfortable flats all day. Your mood will be better for longer. Right? And if you’re in uncomfortable heels all day, your good mood (and posture) is definitely not going to last as long. Correct? If you’re unconvinced, Australian shoe brands like Bared Footwear, Emu Australia, and Felicity Cooney are always bringing out new styles of flats to suit any career, occasion or look.

Lead Image: Habbot

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