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Tips & Tricks For Staying Ahead In the Fashion and Style Game

Style Trends You Need to Know

With new Instagram-born style trends popping up every day, staying ahead in the style game can seem like an exhausting feat. The good news is, you don’t have to.

Being fashion-forward has nada to do with your ability to keep up with the Kardashians and debut an entirely new look every week. There’s a way to take note of style trends without following them religiously and still slay the fashion game. It starts with embracing your own angle.

Own Your Look

Your best chance at kicking style goals begins with embracing yourself, exactly as you are right now. Yes, now!
Sure, we’re all works in progress. But the sooner we can own our look, the sooner we can fully utilise the transformative and expressive benefits of playing around with fashion and style. Much like makeup, fashion should enhance your features, not hide everything about you.

The most stylish people we know are those who are confident enough to know what works for them and what best expresses their authentic self.

Style Trends MBFW

Follow Emerging or Lesser-Known Designers and Creatives

With so many influencers, brands and creatives dominating social media platforms, deciding who to follow for inspiration can be quite the challenge. Yes, many accounts have squillions of followers for good reason. They’re inspiring, innovative and fun. However, following Instagrammers who are photoshopped into oblivion and forever posting sponsored content from major brands is probably not the best resource for embracing your individuality and owning your style.

Shake up your feed by following lesser-known or emerging designers, creatives, models, domestic house cats, whatever. Skip the fleeting style trends and insincere advertising. Embrace the creative, experimental and transparent.
Who knows, you might just be following the next big name in fashion.

Fashion Tips

Forget Fast Fashion

Once upon a time, the idea of an endless closet full of clothing sounded appealing. Now, it just sounds like the confused wardrobe of a style trend hopper. If you have an event coming up and are stressed about what to wear, don’t fall victim to the quick fix that is buying a cheap party dress the night before. You know you won’t wear it again or, if you do, it’ll probably fall apart the second time around.

Pay attention to the quality of the clothing and accessories you purchase. Not only is this better for our planet and your conscience, but it’ll actually help you refine your personal style and identify the style trends you really love.

Style Trends MBFW

Ignore the Rules

You’ve probably absorbed a bunch of made-up fashion ‘rules’ about print clashing, dressing to ‘hide’ your curves and colours to match skin type. Forget ‘em, and keep experimenting with styles you find yourself naturally drawn to.

We live in a time where just about every style trend from the past has been revived to some degree. Anything goes. Don’t wait for your favourite online influencer to give you permission to rock a style trend that you love.

Fashion tips

Want more tips and tricks for staying ahead in the style game? Check out our post on finding your personal style.

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