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More Ways to Reinvent Your Wardrobe on a Budget

Fresh New Look on a Limited Budget

Who else has found themselves in the middle of their floordrobe proclaiming that there is simply nothing to wear? Arms flouncing around in despair, clothes strewn across the bedroom floor… it’s a situation we too often find ourselves in. With womens fashion constantly evolving and trends being redefined, finding ways to revamp your wardrobe without emptying your bank account can seem tricky.

Here are five tips that won’t break the piggy but will leave you with fresh ‘fits.

1. Work With What You Got

Tuck your slip dress, or cover your dress with a baggy T
L: FootwearNews R: @weekendmuse

Too often than not, we look past our own clothes for newer, flashier pieces in stores. Womens fashion is super versatile; you may not realise it, but your clothes are capable of living double lives. Take your summer dress – throw a cropped sweater or a knotted, oversized t-shirt over it; here, you’ve got a new skirt. Your silky slip dress? Tuck it into a pair of pants for a flashy new singlet.

2. Grab Your Girlfriends

Examples of how to reinvent your look
From our January 2019 Lookbook

Gather your girls, we’re having a Marie Kondo night. Kiss the clothes that no longer serve you goodbye over bottles of wine. A clean wardrobe free from unwanted clutter will in turn provide a clearer headspace. Best part? Hold a clothes swap with your friends. You know the saying – one women’s unwanted pair of jeans is another one’s treasure. Who knew womens fashion could be so versatile!

3. Small Changes Go a Long Way

Examples of small changes that can make a difference to your look at no cost
L: @maximilianehansen  R: @kristywho

Behold, the power of accessorising. Do not underestimate the ability of a belt, sunnies or jewellery in enhancing women’s fashion. A simple white t-shirt and blue jeans can be completely elevated with a vintage black belt, delicate gold jewellery and a scarf tied onto a ponytail.

4. Anything But Basic

Hitting the stores can be a real test of restraint. When refreshing your wardrobe, it’s easy to overbuy womens fashion. Stick to basics which you can re-wear and restyle – think black turtlenecks, white ribbed singlets and neutral linen pants. Build your outfits from there.

Basics that it's wise to stik to for reinventing your style on a budget
L: @_belindaliana_  R: @jacquiealexander

5. Thrifty

Good for your wallet and good for the environment, op shopping is currently undergoing a revival. It’s an affordable and exciting way to shop; you never know what to expect! Don’t just stick to womens fashion, the men’s section is stocked with oversized tees and simple sweaters. Thrifting is a perfect opportunity to step outside of your comfort zone and try new styles – without the financial commitment.

Thrifted looks can be so much more stylish than others
L: @melbournethriftstyle  R:  @tarachandra_




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