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Model Off Duty Style at VAMFF

Model Fashion & Style

We caught up with 8 diverse models between their runway gigs at VAMFF to find out their preferred style and the fashion they choose to wear when they’re off duty.

Off Duty Model at VAMFF 2019


@shaylangley_ Agency: Duval

My off duty style is… Honey I’m never off duty. But honestly; I work a lot so comfort and practicality come before all else.

When I’m going down the runway, I’m thinking… Don’t fall. Don’t make eye contact.

VAMFF highlight: Walking the Menswear show on International Women’s day.

Oh, and when they played Destiny’s Child, Independent Women, for the finale and some guy stood up in the crowd and started bowing down to all the women on the runway.

Off Duty Model at VAMFF 2019


@konnker   Agency: Duval

My off duty style is… I almost always go for baggy/ oversized pieces. It’s what I feel most comfortable and relaxed in.

When I’m going down the runway, I’m thinking…Walk looking straight ahead and vibe to the music.

VAMFF highlight: Seeing how diverse Vamff has become in terms of the models was amazing! Times are changing slowly and I’m happy that the Australian fashion scene is becoming more inclusive.

Off Duty Model at VAMFF 2019


@iamxanaan  Agency: Duval

My off duty style is… My style is influenced by my culture, religion and upbringing. I wear a hijab so often times I’ll buy an outfit and try to hijabify it by matching it with something that makes it modest and comfortable enough for me to wear. Its also heavily influenced by my mums vintage style – especially in terms of colours and accessories.

Day to day approach to picking outfits is influenced by my mood. I can be comfortable/sporty one day and then wear heels and long dress the next.

When I’m going down the runway, I’m thinking…My attention on the runway is focused at keeping up my pace, enjoying the music in the background and hyping myself up in my head ?

VAMFF highlight: Making history as the first woman in a hijab to walk down any runway in Australia. It brings me so much joy that the media both locally and internationally has been so positive about sharing my story.

The entire team behind the scenes being so accommodating, encouraging and supportive made my week.

Off Duty Model at VAMFF 2019


@jackchettra Agency: Iconique Management

My off duty style is… You’ll always catch in some comfy clothes innit. CASE CLOSED.

When I’m going down the runway, I’m thinking…Since it was my first time walking in GQ, I was shitting myself. Once my first walk was over, all the nerves I had were gone, and from there I was focused.

VAMFF highlight: Being a part of VAMFF is dope. Having the opportunity to walk for some of the top AU clothing brands is something I’ll always be grateful for.

Off Duty Model at VAMFF 2019


@marlenekafka Agency: Chadwick, The Models

My off duty style is… I would say my style is 80% comfort depending on what I’m doing, and 20% any random colour or design. But I will always have colourful socks, even if you don’t see them.

When I’m going down the runway, I’m thinking…I always tell myself that this is exactly where I’m meant to be. I love commanding people’s attention without really doing anything.

VAMFF highlight: Walking the Gorman runway at the Heide museum of modern arts. It was just something really different, especially in about 36-degree heat.

Off Duty Model at VAMFF 2019


@almightydut Agency: Rin Models

My off duty style is… Nice and comfy, I like to look good and feel good at the same time.

What I’m thinking when I’m going down the runway is…I was pretty nervous, so I tell myself to be confident, walk confidently and that I got this in the bag.

VAMFF highlight: This year was my first ever VAMFF appearance so everything about it was a highlight, it was an enjoyable experience and I look forward to doing it again!

Off Duty Model at VAMFF 2019


@crystal_ngo1 Agency: Chadwick

My off duty style is… comfort is almost everything! I try to stay as comfortable but also as stylish as I possibly can! I love lil’ vintage numbers so whenever I can, I like to mix vintage with comfort and street style. Going to fashion shows you’re getting in and out of clothes all the time, so making sure you wear something simple and practical is useful too.

What I’m thinking when I’m going down the runway is… don’t fall.

VAMFF highlight: meeting all the models, hair and makeup artists, backstage crew, and of course walking the runways.Off Duty Model at VAMFF 2019


@blakethomaz Agency: Iconique Management, RED NYC

My off duty style is… Where can I start? Fashion style is an art form. Just like cooking up dinner for the wife and kids, you gotta give it tender love & care.

What I’m thinking when I’m going down the runway is…Got to give it my fiercest walk so far. Gotta think of it like you’re walking down the street with a whole bunch of hot girls around. Look strong for the camera pit and keep my eyes open, because if they look shut in the pictures it’ll make it look like I got pink-eye or something.

VAMFF highlight: Celebrating culture through fashion. It’s the coolest thing being here. Forever feeling blessed & honoured.


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