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Model Off-Duty Style

Between Runways at VAMFF

From behind the scenes we get to see runway rehearsals, pre-show preparations and what the models wear when they show up for a work day at VAMFF. Model off-duty style intrigues us and we thought it might fascinate you too. We talked to a few of the models who strutted the VAMFF runways about their off-duty style.

With so much polished and pre-planned street style on display during VAMFF as well as incredible looks coming down the runway each night, it’s always refreshing to observe the off-duty style of the models as they navigate their busy schedule of fittings, rehearsals and hair and makeup during the week.

Between shows, we caught up with a few of VAMFF’s freshest faces to talk style, how to dress for a job that involves repeatedly being dressed, and what’s the best part of a fashion festival.

Model Off Duty Style at VAMFFNameVali Clarke Agency: THE.mgmt

“I always feel better when I dress better but comfort is always my number one priority! I love cute shirts with pants and boots then adding accessories like watches, sunnies, belts, gold thin necklaces – really adds to the ‘casual’ but ‘cool’ look. Especially during VAMFF, one thing cute but one thing chic also.”

VAMFF Highlight: “My FAVOURITE show was Ginger and Smart. It was a brilliant show with gorgeous clothes and I opened the finale walking to one of my favourite songs, Heart of Glass.”

Model Off Duty Style at VAMFFName: Jack Fitzpatrick Agency: Duval Agency

“As of late my dress sense has been heavily inspired by Japanese and Korean skate/streetwear, playing around with shape and silhouette has never really been something I’ve done until recently but there are so many unique brands coming out of Asia at the moment that are making some really incredible stuff.”

VAMFF Highlight: “This year’s VAMFF was my first time ever walking and I was quietly crapping my pants backstage. I had heaps of fun and enjoyed it thoroughly. The highlight was probably meeting the other models walking.”

Model Off Duty Style at VAMFFName: Kristen Apollos Agency: Duval Agency

“My style definitely stems from 90’s hip-hop fashion, very tomboy, very baggy but the most important thing is feeling hot and comfortable – there’s nothing worse than leaving the house and not feeling comfortable.”

VAMFF Highlight: Being able to work alongside some of Australia’s elite models and designers.”

Model Off Duty Style at VAMFFName: Diing Akur  Agency: Azalea Models

“I’m the type of person who wears just about anything – if it’s comfortable I’ll wear it. I try to go for a basic, colourful approach. In my day to day life, I just wear what I’m most comfortable in.”

VAMFF Highlight: The best part of the runway work throughout VAMFF was being able to express myself in beautiful designer wear.”

Model Off Duty Style at VAMFFName: Mary Grigoris  Agency: Duval Agency

“Maximum comfort meets the matrix.”

VAMFF Highlight: “Walking in heels for the first time and not falling over. I usually wear menswear, so heels were quite daunting and perhaps initially my VAMFF lowlight but all the encouragement and support from my other friends who were modelling plus Ella (the stylist) during my pre-show mini-self-doubt-meltdown helped me remember how lucky I am to have a network who back me up through challenges and remind me not to take it all so seriously.”

Model Off Duty Style at VAMFFName: Luke Brand  Agency: the.MGMT

“Generally, I dress pretty relaxed but elevating with a consistent array of tones, intertwining unique garments that I am drawn to. Ultimately, I strive for my style to reflect my sense of self, and exist as an amalgamation of the references I’m drawn towards. (At the moment I’m really drawn to the iconography of traditional American masculinity (workwear, cowboys etc), and vacation dressing in the 80s.) However, in between shows, I’m mostly focused on being comfortable rather than serving looks.”

VAMFF Highlight: “Probably walking in Cuban heeled snakeskin-print cowboy boots for the Strateas Carlucci presentation—(I’d adore them in my wardrobe for when in need of a galavant in the wild west.) The best part is being amongst passionate creatives doing what they do best.”

Model Off Duty Style at VAMFFName: Manahou Mackay AgencyChadwick

“I like to dress according to my mood always.”

VAMFF Highlight: “Meeting all the amazing people behind the show!” 

Model Off Duty Style at VAMFFName: Blake Thomas  Agency: Duval Agency

“Depending on where I’m going and how I feel on the day is how I organise what I wear. During any type of modelling event I would usually wear very minimalistic type clothing and comfortable shoes. I love wearing different styles and colours, because life isn’t always black and white! It’s good to love what you wear and owning it in a way that you are being yourself and expressing your creative zone.”

VAMFF Highlight: “One of my highlights would have to be representing great brands like Jack London, Chris Ran Lin and PE Nation on the runway. Not to forget the great models, stylists, organisers and volunteers who make all of this possible, making my time at VAMFF memorable. The vibes during Fashion week especially at VAMFF are amazing. The worst part is not being to keep the clothes after the runways finish!”

Model Off Duty Style at VAMFFNameAlicia van Schouten Agency: Priscillas

“Less is more, keep it basic so you feel comfortable during your fittings and days backstage. If you feel good in what you’re wearing confidence shines through! Though try not to come in your pyjamas to work of course!”

VAMFF Highlight: “Having so many nice people to work with. All models were nice as well as the organisation team and the backstage crew!”

Photos: Dimitra Koriozos

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