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How to Put Your Capsule Wardrobe Together

Choosing the Right Capsule Wardrobe for Australia

Anyone can have great style, because style does not depend on budget! Regardless of the size of your bank account, it is absolutely possible to look stylish all the time! The key to having great style all the time is to have a capsule wardrobe. The elements of a capsule wardrobe are virtually the same for women, men and non-binaries. Here, we’re outlining the elements for your capsule wardrobe for Australia.

Once you’ve had a think about your own individuality, personal likes and dislikes, and discarded some of the old rules that can eliminate things that you actually should be considering, you’re ready to put together your capsule wardrobe.

A Capsule Wardrobe for Australia

A capsule wardrobe is a collection of pieces that are timeless and versatile that work well together. It allows you to create many different looks with the same pieces simply by swapping them out and adding seasonal pieces, patterns  or colours.  Having a  capsule wardrobe means you can sport a fresh new look almost any time you go out. There are key elements of a capsule wardrobe that are the foundation of your style. For Australia, there are several basics that are must haves for our conditions and culture.

Slip Dress

Black Slip Dess
Millicent Elizabeth

A simple slip dress is today’s equivalent of the little black dress. Slip dresses are versatile, can be worn with a jacket, blazer, or tucked into a skirt or over a tee.  Neutral colours work well. We’re talking black, gold, bottle green or navy. They’re incredibly  versatile, unless you never, ever wear dresses.


Fashion style in layers works well topped off with a leather jacketL: Katie Penny    R: Kristy Wu

Whether you choose a trench coat, puffer, leather or vegan jacket, an overcoat or something else it’s important to have an outerwear piece in neutral colours that can be worn with anything in a similar style. Start with a leather or vegan biker style jacket in black for incredible versatility.

If you live in mostly warmer climes, you wont need more than a leather/vegan jacket, but if you live where there are more cooler months than warm, you’ll also want to add a trench to your capsule wardrobe, if your budget permits.

Button Up Shirt

Button up white shirt
L: Fashion Jackson

Button up shirts are not everyone’s cup of tea, but there comes a time when almost everyone will need one. They can be worn in fun casual ways, not always having to be worn super-corporate and strictly buttoned up. White, black, navy, or brownish neutrals work well. Have at least two in your capsule wardrobe, one black and one white and you can add more colours down the track.


Nautral womens knit wear
L: @klarabellle R: Woolchuck Files

These are the most overlooked, but knits are an essential unless you live in the tropics. Knits in neutral colours that suit your body shape are another flexible, versatile element of your capsule wardrobe. Crew-neck, round neck, v-shaped, long or cropped – choose what flatters your body shape. If you’re short you’d probably go for a cropped look or shorter length.  Try on all the options to work out what style suits you best. Your knitwear can be worn in many, many different ways. Fluffy is not as versatile as a basic knit, but go for it if you must.


White Tees essential for your capsule wardrobe
Image (R): Styled By Sally

It’s up to you whether your tees are high end or from discount department stores.  So long as you have at least two in your capsule wardrobe for Australia – one black and one white, you’re ready to go! If your budget allows, choose more in additional neutrals that suit your colouring.  Once again choose the style that suits you best by trying them on – round neck, v-neck, soft or high neck. You may also want to check sleeve length too. Comfort and what flatters you the most are your two best guides for choosing your simple tee.  Once you have the foundations, of black, white navy, brown or grey, you might want to add a pop of colour.  If budget is an issue, choose the cheaper brands, and save your money for more expensive elements of your capsule collection or added extras.


Slim leg denim jeans
L: @kristywho     R: @twiceblessed_

Denim is now an essential element of your capsule wardrobe. Decide on the shade and fit you like best by trying jeans on. Select a few simple styles for your denims that will last you for years provided they are plain – without rips, diamantes, trimming or lace. One pair in your favourite shade of denim-blue and one in black will work well to start your capsule collection as either can be dressed up or down as the occasion calls.


How To Style a Midi Dress - winter fashion

White sneakers will not go out of style. Simple canvas flats will go with anything, can be popped in the wash and ready to wear again and are also incredibly versatile.  If you like to wear heels, neutral nude will last forever. If you prefer flats, so long as you choose neutrals like black, nude or white, you’ll still have footwear for every occasion. Boots are also a must for your capsule wardrobe. Go for versatile black.  Apart from choosing neutral colours, the important thing to remember is to choose a shoe that you’ll be able to wear all through the year.


Once you’ve put these basics together in your wardrobe, then you’re ready to choose your bags and other accessories. Over time you can add more accessories, along with variations of your basic pieces in seasonal colours, patterns and styles.  That way you can expand your wardrobe as your budget permits, while still having fresh new looks and great style.

If you want to add a suit in black, navy, charcoal or grey to your capsule wardrobe, it can elevate your look for more semi formal occasions and still mix with other capsule pieces. The jacket can be worn as a blazer over your slip dress or jeans, while the skirt or trousers can be combined with knits, tees, leather jackets or button up shirts.

Now that you know what the basic elements are for your capsule wardrobe, for Australia, that’s the last time we’ll hear you say you’ve got nothing to wear! You’ve now got more than enough pieces in your wardrobe to put a look together for almost any occasion for quite some time, even years! 



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