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Straight, Slim, Bootleg and Boyfriend – Which Denim Style Suits You Best?

Your Denim Fashion & Style Questions Answered

Finding ‘The One’ is a big commitment. Will you fit well together? Are you completely comfortable with one another? Do you make each other happy? Yep, finding your dream pair of jeans is hard. Denim bottoms come in a variety of fashion styles. So which is best for you? It all depends on individual fashion style. Here’s a guide to discovering the perfect fit.

Straight Up

Stright Leg Denim Look
L: @jadetunchy     R: @_belindaliana_

For the no-fuss, no-frills woman. Find her in the office well before 9am, latte in hand. She’ll probably be sporting a classic plaid blazer or tan trench over her light to mid-wash denim jeans. The straight leg jean is a fashion style that’s made to fit in, yet not afraid of standing out. Opt for one with a cuffed hem or frayed edges. It’ll add another dimension to the average straight leg. Slip on your favourite ankle boots and let your best autumn fashion style shine.

Slim Shady

Slim leg denim jeans
L: @kristywho     R: @twiceblessed_

Could the real Slim Shady please stand up? Oh boy, do we have to? These jeans are tight. Slim fit jeans are for the organised, get-shit-done type of girl. Her to-do list is endless, but she’s always rocking a perfect red lip. Skinny jeans are a figure-hugging and flattering fashion style that’ll show of your best assets. Popular in black washes, they’re a fashion style that’s equal parts smart and sexy. Slick back your hair and don a high-waisted pair of slim jeans that’s slightly cropped, it’ll give you that put-together look that’s balanced just right.

Bootleg Babe

Bootleg denim jeans
L: @alexisrsalas  R: @cannabis_ladies 

This one’s for the dreamers who live in warm tones, ringer tees and double corduroy. For the girls who see the world through rose-tinted glasses, jam to Fleetwood Mac and pretend they’re in the ‘70s. Retro fashion styles are having yet another revival. Bootleg jeans and flares are no exception. An instant leg lengthener, they’re made for discos and bush dances. Take them into the everyday with heeled boots, turtlenecks or off-the-shoulder striped tops. High-waisted, thigh-hugging and ultra-fun courtesy of their subtle kick flare, it’s a fashion style that promises a good time.

Don’t Need No Boyfriend

Boyfriend style jeans
L: @styleddestination  R: @kishama

Get yourself the look without the relationship commitment. Boyfriend jeans are for the girls who roll outta bed at 10am and won’t turn down yesterday’s cold pizza for breakfast. Comfort is key so it’s fitting that the boyfriend fashion style is relaxed and loose. Often finished with distressed rips, it’s the ultimate cool girl fashion style essential. Couple a pair of light-wash jeans with a band tee, basic singlet or a cropped jumper. Effortless but chic.

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