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How To Make A Fashion Statement

 Turn Heads with Your Unique Fashion Style

“Where did she get that from?” “How did she put that outfit together?” “I want, no need it!” Sound familiar? We’ve all heard these whispers. Those well-dressed fashionistas with impeccable fashion style, unafraid of standing out, have heard them too. How exactly do they nail their unique look? A combination of colour, eye-catching accessories, clever prints and the ability to wear clothes in a multitude of ways. And above all, it’s about confidence. Walk boldly and flash your best smile, ‘cos you look bloody brilliant.

Colour Me In

Use colour to make a fashion style statement of your own
L: @alvssa_     R:  @lindafromtinder

It’s time to step away from the typical black and white ensembles. It’s been scientifically proven that wearing colour makes you and those around you happier. But how do you navigate the muddy waters of colourful fashion styles? There’s a fine line between looking like a mishmash of Play Doh and strutting a bold, carefully curated outfit. One fashion style to try is colour blocking. It’s the pairing of solid shades of different colours with one another. To fit the brief, take colours from opposite sides of the colour wheel or colours which either contrast or complement each other. First timers? Stick with primary colours for a fail-safe, fun and fresh fashion style.

Go Big Or Go Home

make fashion style statement by making it big

While minimalistic and understated jewellery may be trending right now, don’t look past striking and bold accessories. They’re hard to miss, they’re so big! Dipping your toes into a more daring fashion style? Begin with the accessories. It’s all about large and colourful ear candy, statement belts and quirky eyewear. Start by completing your basic outfits with a pair of acrylic and abstract earrings, a textured or bedazzled belt, or a trendy pair of thin sunglasses. Start with one, to start building your confidence, not all three fashion styles together…

Print On Print On Print

Print on print canbe hard to pull off, but when you do, it makes a totally cool style statement
L: @thegirlwholivedforclothes R: @hattienixon

“Lions and tigers, and bears, oh my!” Animal print is officially in. Leopard print has had its fun in the sun and the other animals, faux of course, are jealous. Watch out for escaped zebras and snakes. Coming in fashion style pieces such as skirts, mesh tops, boots, scrunchies and sweaters, it’s a versatile trend turning heads. Mix and match various prints for maximum fashion style effect. It’ll be a roaring success. We’ll let ourselves out.

Intentionally Unconventional

Making your unique style sttement with flair

It’s a bird! It’s a plane! It’s a denim jacket worn as a shirt! Superman is quaking in his red knee-high boots. With fashion styles becoming more experimental, it’s no surprise that ways of wearing clothing items becoming are more inventive too. Follow in the footsteps of YouTuber Ashley (aka best dressed), queen of wearing one dress about 50 different ways. To change up your fashion style, wear dresses as tops by wearing a pair of pants on top. Wear an oversized blazer as a dress by cinching in the waist with a belt. The denim jacket look? Button the jacket half way up and wrap the sleeves around your chest into a tight knot. To quote Ashley herself, “if at least 10 people don’t think your outfit is absolutely hideous then it’s not worth wearing because you’re not taking enough risks.”

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