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How to Create a Style That’s Uniquely Yours

How to Create Your Own Style

Deciding what is your own signature style can be tricky. How to create your own style takes a bit of time and might not be easy to commit to as a single style. Even harder is making this style your own. That’s because style is not just the clothes you wear, it’s also a visual expression of your personality, values, and individuality. 

To help you pin down your own unique style, we’ve created a check list that will help you explore your preferences and learn what you can about the fashion industry and yourself. Read on to learn how to craft a signature style that speaks volumes without saying a word.

Models at Australian Fashion Week

1. Self-Reflection

Before you can even think of pulling out clothes to try on, the first step is to take some time for introspection. When you understand your interests, passions, and lifestyle, you can start narrowing down your fashion choices; colours, textures, and silhouettes can become easier to pick from.

Think about the kinds of occasions you are most likely to dress for and how you’d like to be seen by others. You may be more interested in a minimalist, no-nonsense, yet comfortable style if you are always on the go, or more of a goth to make a statement. Whatever you decide, the first step towards a cohesive style will always come from being certain about your likes and dislikes.

2. Seek Inspiration

If you’re still finding it hard, take a closer look at the people you admire, or maybe your favourite celebrities. Look through the many pages of COCKTAIL REVOLUTION and our street style snaps to try to find inspiration. Of course, Instagram and TikTok are there to provide as many hours as you care to watch, of inspiring (and not-so-inspiring) styles. Sometimes putting together a mood board, or collage of your favourite fashion images cam help.

Do you notice recurring themes, colours or aesthetics? Those common denominators might be what you’re looking for. Remember, though, that your aim is to build a style that is uniquely yours. So, don’t simply copy these things. Rather, use them as a base.

Street Style Sydney

3. Experimentation is Key

The next step is to give it a try. Step out of your comfort zone and begin experimenting. Playing it safe will not help you find your unique style, so get comfortable with mixing and matching garments and accessories that you normally would not pair together. 

Make sure you check out local thrift shops, boutiques, and online shops. Retailers can be important with many being staffed by stylists who have an eye for putting different looks together, using a range of different combinations. They may come up with something that you’ve just not thought of. It may seem uncomfortable to begin experimenting with fabrics or patterns, but the payoff is worth it.

4. Quality Over Quantity

Overhauling your wardrobe can feel exciting, but remember to put quality above quantity. Fast fashion trends might be tempting because they are cheap, but they end up costing more per wear: they just don’t last and their popularity can disappear almost as soon as they arrive. Original, sustainable and durable is key. Anything else will diminish the impact of your new style.

Timeless staples added with an occasional statement piece that reflects your personality, will give you a long term, comfortable, unique look that’s all your own. Good quality will guarantee their longevity and your enduring style. Quality does not necessarily mean expensive, but it does mean well-made garments that fit you impeccably and align with your aesthetic.

Street Style Sydney

5. Embrace Individuality

How to create your own style requires you to embrace your own personality and individuality, with all its quirks and imperfections. It’s important to not allow yourself to feel pressured by others around you or social media “norms” that don’t actually resonate with you. Instead, allow your clothing and accessories to reflect who you are, not who you think you should be.

6. Pay Attention to Details

The devil is in the details, and this is especially true in fashion and style. Pay attention to the small yet effective pieces that can elevate your look. We’re talking accessories, footwear, and even personal grooming like hair and skincare. Adding a statement piece of jewellery or a nice pair of Oroton glasses for example can instantly transform a basic outfit into something extraordinary. It’s worth experimenting with different accessories to add personality and flair to your style.

7. Confidence is Key

Having an impeccable outfit is the foundation of a unique style, but it is your confidence that truly makes it a statement. Wear your look with confidence. There is nothing more attractive than someone who radiates self-assurance and authenticity.

Australia Style

8. Evolve and Adapt

Style is never static. Even if you love your current style, you are always growing and changing as a person. Your style will also grow and change with you.

It’s important to reassess and alter your wardrobe after a change in your life or preferences. Tastes change, it’s natural. Enjoy each new change and embrace new influences and experiences along the way.

9. Stay True to Yourself

Above all else, the most important tip to remember in the journey for creating your own style is staying true to yourself throughout the journey. Do not fall for external influences or trends that you know don’t align with your authentic self. How to create your own style depends on reflecting your identity, so honour it unapologetically.

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Images: Maree Turk. See our latest street style post for more individual style.

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