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Fashion Trends That Are Worth the Investment

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For all the hype around new trends, they often fade into obscurity soon after, so it’s easy to think of anything trending in fashion or style as a passing thing. While it’s wise to put thought into the items you invest in and to make sustainable wardrobe choices, you needn’t equate all new trends with novelty and impermanence. Here are some of the season’s major fashion and style trends worth the investment.

Animal Print

Animal print fashion style
Country Road (L) Realisation Par (R)

It’s official, animal print has serious staying power. Faux croc, snakeskin, leopard and even zebra prints have been a street style staple lately. When you think of classic colours and prints, it’s easy to gravitate towards ‘safe’ options. Neutral tones and Breton stripes are all well and good, but investing in a wild print piece packs an extra punch while still staying timeless.

You don’t need to go OTT with this fashion style. A simple mock-croc handbag, snakeskin blouse or silky leopard midi skirt will be versatile enough to elevate any outfit.

Romantic Blouses

romantic blouse fashion style
Flaunter (L) Haus of Song (R)

Over the last few years, the ‘classic’ white shirt has morphed into something a little more dramatic. Voluminous sleeves, ruffles and oversize colours are just some of the details street stylers seem to gravitate towards in a white shirt.

Since this trend gained serious traction a few years back, we’ve seen the rise of the romantic shirt trend extend to blouses and dresses, all perfect for layering and experimental fashion styling.

Whether you’re all about a puffy white shirt of prefer more formal looking takes on this trend, the romantic blouse is definitely a trend to invest in.

Small Handbags

mini bag fashion trend
The Kooples

We’ve all seen the micro designer handbags making their way across Instagram feeds lately. These novelty sized bags are barely capable of housing the credit card you’d have to max out in order to purchase one. So, we’re definitely not talking about those when we vouch for the ‘mini’ bag.

Smaller sized handbags are a chic investment, usually appropriate for day to night events and allowing enough space for the essentials. Another good thing about investing in this fashion style is that the size of a handbag usually correlates with its cost, so consider this a slightly more cost-effective trend to embrace.


suits at fashion week

Long associated with the 9-5 grind, women’s suits have taken a seriously stylish turn in the last few years. This trend has serious staying power and timeless elegance to boot, so there’s no danger in committing to suiting up. With such a huge range of colours, fits and prints to choose from, this fashion style really is for everyone.

Statement Earrings

statement earrings trend
Anna Quan

For those moments where your wardrobe leaves you feeling uninspired and every outfit you try on seems to be missing that special something, having statement jewellery on hand will save the day.

Investing in statement earrings isn’t just for maximalists. There are earrings for all tastes. Having a couple of decent pairs on rotation will help transform your outfits without taking up valuable wardrobe space.

We love any trend that encourages creative styling rather than excessive clothing consumption, so the statement earring is high on our list of fashion and style trends worth the investment.

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