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Fashion Fun Without the Cruelty – Melbourne Cup Day

Horse Free Events for Spring Fashion Celebrations

Love getting dolled up and celebrating fun and fashion with friends but feeling uneasy about supporting the racing industry and the Melbourne Cup? Fret not, animal lovers. You’re no longer the only ones in this boat. Awareness of the ethical issues surrounding the Melbourne Cup and the wider racing industry is growing. That’s led to the development of alternative ways of celebrating fashion that doesn’t contribute to a culture of cruelty. There are now some great options for having a blast on Melbourne Cup day with a clear conscience.

Here are five ways to say #NuptotheCup in style.

Attend ‘Fashuns On The FieldInstead

Fashun On The Field Event

Melbourne based fashion lovers, you’re in luck!

If you’re a sports fan minus the cruelty, say nup to the cup and head to ‘Fashuns On The Field’ instead. The Coalition for the Protection of Racehorses is putting on the event for a fourth year to protest the cruelties of the racing industry and have a bit of fun all the while. Dress up, participate and protest with prizes up for grabs and plenty of music and dancing.

For more info, check out the official event page.

DIY Design Day

DIY Hat making for a Melbourne Cup alternative

Racewear style is all about the fabulous hats. You don’t need to contribute to the racing industry to play around with headwear – and in our climate, you sure don’t need an excuse to get some shade. Invite your friends to pitch in some money for supplies and have a DIY millinery session. Get creative with feathers, netting, sequins and more. If there’s too much champagne going around, you can keep it simple with flower crowns instead. Whether your designs end up being runway-worthy or a total fail, hats off to you for choosing to celebrate the day with kindness, not cruelty!

Hold Your Own Charity Event

Fashion street party

If a hands-on approach to protesting the racing industry is more for you, why not hold a charity event? Whether it’s a fancy dress party or casual barbecue with a raffle draw, encourage your friends and colleagues to give back to animals rather than bet on them. There are plenty of worthwhile charities to contribute to and no shortage of fun ways to do so.

Host a Stylish Party

Alternative Melbourne Cup Fashion Events

Opting out of the Melbourne Cup festivities doesn’t mean opting out of the fashion fun. Host an epic day party with a formal dress code or encourage racewear without the race. Enjoy all the celebration and boozy fun without the possibility of your mum’s favourite TV network broadcasting your less graceful moments.

Hit the Road!

Alternative Melbourne Cup Celebrations

Working up a sweat instead of getting dressed to the nines might not sound like your definition of glamourous fashion fun, but hear us out. You’re not gambling, so here’s your excuse to invest in that totally extra activewear set you’ve been eyeing off. Rally up a crew, wear the workout gear that makes you feel your best and take to the streets for a race of your own! An endorphin rush beats a hangover any day of the week.

The list of fabulous alternatives to celebrating on Melbourne Cup day doesn’t end there. Browse your Facebook Events page for public get-togethers happening in your area. Watch the stream of the cruelty-free Canine Cup. Or simply Netflix and chill with a glass of champagne and a clear conscience! 

Alternatives to Melbourne Cup Day

We would LOVE to see your snaps if you decide to host your own alternative fashion party!

Meanwhile, if you’d like to see some stylish head wear alternatives for this spring fashion season? Tap here!

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