Spring Fashion Headwear That Won’t Make You Look Ridiculous


Spring Fashion Accessories

In a world of extravagance and more-is-more mentality, spring headwear might need to take it down a notch. Headwear isn’t reserved for the races and can be  incorporated into your everyday style. Neither does it have to be silly if you decide you want to take your spring fashion style up a notch after all.  Here are some sensible and stylish options.


Looking for a bit of glitz and glam? Pearls are a girl’s best friend. Earlier this year, they were plastered on barrettes and hair clips. Now, they’re taking centre stage. Headbands, beads, draping headpieces… they’re versatile enough to suit any fashion style.  Perfect for elevating even the most casual of looks.

Padded Headbands

The humble headband has seen a revival. It’s back and thicker than ever. This stylish accessory comes in all manner of  colours and textures, from black velvet to bright satins. Keep pesky baby hairs in place and look ultra-stylish while doing so. Try the trend with straightened hair to give full focus to your spring fashion hair piece.


Headscarves have stepped into the mainstream fashion game.  Usually a square cut of silk, this versatile fashion style can also be worn as a top, a headband, or tied onto ponytails. Plain or patterned, they add a touch of coloured flair to any outfit.

Bucket Hats

No longer a primary school dress code necessity, bucket hats are a spring fashion style back on the radar. They get an A+ for sun smarts and practicality. Wide-brimmed and floppy, they’re the hat to toss into your bag wherever you’re headed. Contrast the casualness with a silky midi skirt or floral mini dress.

Straw Hats

Straw hats have the magical power of immediately transporting you to holiday mode. Could it be that the flaxen and textured hat pairs perfectly with white linen and tan sandals? Or perhaps because this is a  fashion style synonymous with European summers? Go big or go small, both will work well this spring. For something more casual, go for a smaller bowler style.


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