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Eco Friendly Australian Fashion Brands

Your Eco Friendly Brands Using Deadstock

The fast-paced fashion industry often leaves a lot of waste, literally producing tonnes. Luckily for us, eco friendly Aussie brands are helping clean up the industry. By using up the deadstock fabrics that litter warehouses worldwide, some amazing Aussie fashion labels are leaving a lighter footprint on the planet. 

Deadstock refers to the leftover rolls of fabric from other fashion houses that would normally be headed to landfill! We’ve put together a list of the Aussie brands that are rescuing deadstock and giving it a second life by turning these fabrics into stylish new garments!

Looking stylish and feeling good have as much to do with knowing that you’re being kind to the planet as well. Wear any of these eco friendly Australian fashion labels and you score the hat-trick! 

All the Wild Roses

Sustainable and ethical fashion by All the Wild Roses

Not only does All The Wild Roses have beautiful handmade garments for every occasion, but they also provide micro-loans to women-led businesses in developing countries to help support them in times of need. Not content with just using deadstock fabrics, All The Wild Roses also reworks vintage garments to bring them back to life.


First Nations Fashion Design

Former sass & bide co-founder Heidi Middleton is enjoying success again with her sustainable label ARTCLUB with 90% of her designs cut from deadstock. With limited runs and ethically produced ‘slowly’ in this circular fashion label where everything is made in Sydney.

Aura Studios

eco friendly fashion by aura studios

Not only do Aura Studios create beautiful garments from organic and deadstock fabrics, but they also handcraft geometric silver jewellery in their Sydney studio. Their speckle collection uses textured deadstock fabrics in relaxed silhouettes. 

HB Archive

eco friendly fashion brand HB

Melbourne made garments by HB Archive use deadstock fabrics for one of a kind collections that are trans-seasnonal and not influenced by the latest fads. Their range is carefully curated and constructed from beautiful natural fibres.

Lois Hazel

eco friendly fashion label Lois Hazel

Popular Melbourne label Lois Hazel always incorporates deadstock in their garments and is big on transparency and ethical production as well as sustainability. All garments are made in Melbourne. Lois Hazel also uses organic and traceable fabrics to help minimise waste.

Madre Natura

eco friendly fashion labe Madre Natura

Madre Natura is Italian for “Mother Nature” and this label certainly lives up to its name. Earthy colours and textures fill each collection Madre Natura’s dedication to a circular fashion world includes offering free repairs on all clothing. They will also take back your old garments and recycle them into fresh new fabrics. 


eco friendly fashion label using dead stock -makins

Perth label, Makins, is stepping up in the sustainability world and servicing diversity at the same time. Each of Makins collections is made to order in sizes from 4 to 26. They also offers a repair service for any of their well-worn pieces to help us love and wear our garments longer.

Romance Was Born

eco friendly label Romance Was Born

Fans of decadent frou-frou will understand what all the fuss is about when Romance Was Born is mentioned. Their RWB collection stitches together deadstock and lost bits of fabric to create a palooza of dreamy patchwork and frills. Never underestimate the power of a vintage doily! 


Sanct clothing from deadstock

Small runs that are made-to-order allows Melbourne label, Sanct, to be a fashion label that doesn’t add more waste to the planet. Reusing and recycling as much as possible, each garment is hand-made by founder Danielle Abery-Miller.

Sunshine Symbol

Sunshine Symbol - sustainable fashion label

Melbourne made label Sunshine Symbol, is perfect for modern-day romantics with collections full of dreamy fabrics and frill details. Each style is carefully cut from deadstock fabrics and inspired by the wardrobes of the women in designer Melissa Mikletic’s life.

Wolf & Mishka

Australian sustainable label Wolf & Mishka

With collections of bold colours crafted from deadstock fabrics, Melbourne label Wolf & Mishka is a key player in the fashion industry. Ever popular, their small stock runs mean their unique prints are snapped up quickly by their beloved fans.

Featured Image: Romance Was Born

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