Survive Winter with these 5 Fashion Tips


Warm Womens Fashion

As the temperature drops, it’s hard to resist living in trackies. A good thing they’re not work appropriate! To help prepare you for the cold weather, here are 5 womens fashion tips

1. Lay It on Thick

The secret to nailing womens fashion in winter is layering. Indoor heating means that you can peel off once you’re inside. For comfort when transitioning from indoors to outdoors in winter, make sure your layers are easily removable and each layer is a complete look on its own. A tee, topped with a sweater and a coat can do the trick. Not quite warm enough? Then start with an extra layer with a cami underneath your tee.

2. Choose Cosy Threads

If layering is not for you, stay warm and stylish by being choosy with your fabrics. Top picks for womens fashion are merino wool, cashmere, leather and faux fur. Elevate your winter look by incorporating contrasting textures. Your velvet pants will stand out against your woolly jumper and cord jacket. Winter fashion style is all about mixing it up.

3. Include The Essentials

winter fahsion style

From our Lookbook

More than being a choice, when it comes to womens fashion for winter, accessories are essential. Keep the chills at bay with scarves, beanies, hats and gloves. Having your head, neck, ears and fingers covered will make a world of difference. If you’re not into gloves, make sure you’ve got a coat with deep pockets to keep them warm. Check out additional styling tips here. 

4. Tighten Up

winter fashion and womens fashion essential for winter, tights!

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Keeping your feet and legs warm is one of the most important DO’s when working out your winter fashion style. Bare legs are risky business, so tights are recommended.  Stay warmer by wearing two pairs if you need to and for extra warmth a pair of socks between your tights and your boots will help!

5. Make a Statement

winter fashion style to love!

from our Lookbook

All you need to make a statement is one eye-catching item. A bold coat will add an instant oomph to your winter fashion style. Try a pattern or bright colour. You can’t go wrong.

Tap here to see winter fashion and style inspiration.



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