Winter Accessories Every Woman Needs in her Wardrobe


Tips From Fashion Blogs

Winter’s coming. You can feel it in the air. And it’s not just the shorter days and longer nights, but also in the increase of woolly coats around town. So snuggle up with a piping hot mug of tea to read about your favourite winter wardrobe essentials. Inspired by fashion blogs and our mums’ constant nagging, here’s everything you need to keep you stylishly warm this winter.

Wrap It Up

Scarves are essentially socially acceptable blankets you can wear outside. It’s true, isn’t it? Both are long bits of material, preferably in wool or fleece for extra warmth, that are made to throw over our cold bodies. Scarves come in various styles but in winter, make sure you go for a thicker, oversized option. For maximum warmth, wrap a scarf around your neck as many times as it will go. Or take a note from fashion blogs and wear one thrown over your shoulder or hung loosely around your neck.

No Bad Hair Days

Behold, the answer to all your problems is here. The humble beanie bolds a secret array of superpowers. Bad hair day? Beanie. Cold ears? Beanie. Just by popping one of these cosy accessories on top of your head, you’ll instantly appear effortlessly put together. They flood fashion blogs and are regularly seen sported by off-duty models and celebrities. Pull one out for your next weekend brunch. Your head will thank you later.

Strut Your Stuff

Nothing beats the feeling of keeping your legs toasty and your look fierce. That’s exactly what knee high boots do.  Or thigh high, if you’re feeling adventurous. Try a suede, tan or animal print look. A small heel is all that’s needed to balance the length of the shoe. Wear yours with a long sleeved mini dress, a long-lined blazer or a pair of skinny jeans. You’ll be looking like you’re straight from a photoshoot in one of those top fashion blogs.

Hidden Helpers

Layering is an artform that we all must perfect one day. The key to nailing winter fashion is being prepared for whatever the weather throws your way. Here’s looking at you, Melbourne. A thermal long-sleeve or even just a singlet will make a world of difference. Chilly winds ain’t got nothing on you. When times are dire, layer a thermal underneath a turtleneck and finish it off with a chunky coat. Fashion blogs will be asking you for your tips and tricks.

Hand in Hand

Our little guys need all the help they can get in winter. Yep, our hands and fingers need that extra TLC in the cooler months. A simple black or grey pair of gloves will blend easily with whatever look you’re sporting.  Leather or wool will give you extra warmth, synthetics will not. Dare to try a coloured pair? Match a similar shade to your bag or shoes. Your fingers will be back to premium functionality in no time at all. That means back to scrolling endlessly on Instagram and fashion blogs…

Trench coats are ideal for winter.  We’ve spotted 5 styles that are trending right now that you could choose from to see you through. Tap here to check them out.


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