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5 Hats to Keep You Cool This Summer!

Fashionable Hats to Wear this Summer

Fashionable hats atop the heads of the world’s biggest street style stars is something we’ve seen more and more of lately.

Why is stylish headwear making such a big comeback in the fashion world of late?

We certainly don’t need an excuse to stay protected from sun damage and keep the glare off our smartphones, but fashion’s love affair with hats extends far beyond practicality. Hats add a dash of interest to any ensemble. Some hat styles are so synonymous with an era of fashion that they transform the vibe of an outfit entirely.

Trending hat styles of the moment come in all shapes and colours and allow for endless styling possibilities. Check out these 5 versatile hats and get inspired for the summer.

Wide Brim

Sure, structured wide brim fedoras or akubras might not seem like the first choice for a fashion hat, but with so many elevated takes on the style available, it’s fast becoming the go-to headwear for fashion lovers. Whether your wide-brimmed headgear is pastel and feminine or embellished with western details, it’s hard to go wrong with this style.

Fashionable hats

Fiddler Caps

Easily one of the most popular fashionable hats to emerge on the street style scene in the last couple of years, the fiddler cap makes for a strong look. Countless takes on this headwear style are available, including leather-look, corduroy, denim, printed and more.  Similar styles such as the slightly less structured baker boy cap might be just as appealing if you’re a fan of this retro silhouette.

fisherman caps trend

Straw Hats

For ultimate warm weather holiday vibes, you can’t go past a straw hat. Boaters and cloche hats made from straw are popular choices, as are structured wide-brimmed fedoras. A simple ribbon as a band adds yet another element of fun to this style. Perfect for days spent reading on the beach, don’t you think?

Fashionable straw hats


Timeless, romantic and perfect for a frizzy hair day. Berets have possibly been the biggest hat trend we’ve noticed in the last couple of years of style stalking. Don’t want to stop at retro romantic vibes? Statement berets are for you. From pearl and stud embellishments to embroidered slogans, there are so many ways to be playful with these toppers. Opt for a leather-look finish for the ultimate clashing of romance and rebellion.

beret hat trend

Bucket Hats

One of the year’s most polarising hat trends is still going strong. Yep, the bucket hat has made the transition from childhood style to model-off-duty favourite to widespread appeal. Brim widths can vary with this style, so if you’re looking for adequate sun protection you might want to opt for a floppier, wider iteration of this hat.

fashionable bucket hats

Want to read more about headwear and how to style it? Take a look at our guide to spring headwear that won’t make you look OTT.

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