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11 Home Renovation Tips That Won’t Cost the Earth

Sustainable Renovations

Home renovation needn’t be all about The Block style demolitions. Simply thinking outside the box and sourcing preloved furniture or reclaimed materials can save you thousands. Whether you are renting or doing a big reno, these handy home renovation tips can help you lighten your footprint on our earth. 

1. Go Solar (If You Can)

Renovated lounge room with easy furniture and large bay windows
Image Credit: Tim Labenda

Harness the power of the sun to run your home. Sun power helps keep your bills down and is a renewable source of energy. That’s a win-win for the planet and win for you. Look to your local council for rebates on installing solar panels.

If you are renting or not ready to invest in solar panels yet, switch to an electricity company, like Momentum Energy that uses green energy to power homes.

2. Use Low or No VOC Paint

woman in overalls standing with a large paint roller in front of a half painted wall mid-home renovationslf
Image: @tint.paint

Ready to add a feature wall to your lounge room? Before you stroll into the paint section at Bunnings, seek out some low or no VOC paints. Regular paints contain Volatile Organic Compounds (or VOC’S). These paints release harmful chemicals into the atmosphere as the paint dries. Try Tint Paint, an eco-friendly company that also plants a tree for each can sold.

3. Buy Preloved Furniture

Keep the eco-friendly theme going by filling your new home with some thrifted goodies. Everything from sofas to kitchenware can be found at your local op shop. eBay, Gumtree and Facebook Marketplace are also sure to turn up some vintage treasures. On a budget? Seek out the day of your council’s hard rubbish collection and hunt the sidewalks for some free furniture. One person’s trash is your new couch!

4. Choose Energy Efficient Appliances

White laundry, showing washing machine, sink and wicker baskets
Image: @three.reids

For a smarter home, try to buy appliances with the highest energy rating that you can afford. The higher the stars, the more money you save. Use an energy ratings guide before investing in a new washing machine.

5. Do-It-Yourself Decor

Need some ideas to create high end looks on a budget? Simply try this baking soda hack from DIY queen, Geneva Vanderzeil to convert old porcelain vases into terracotta! This trick makes any space look chic. You can even reuse old wine or beer or spirit bottles to create some fancy looking glasses. Cheers!

Search ‘DIY Home Decor’ on Pinterest for a million more ways to get crafty on a budget.

6. Invite Nature In

If a full home renovation isn’t on the cards, try filling your home with a gift from mother nature. Plants not only help you breathe better but they also help lower stress – something we all need right now. Adding some indoor friendly plants to help lift your spirits can make it feel like a new space. 

7. Install LED Lighting

Home renovation tips: low hanging light over a bed

Installing LED lights is a simple earth-friendly switch that saves you money. LEDs use about 75% less energy than halogen light bulbs and last much longer. It’s good to know that you can also save a bit of extra cash via LED rebates offered in your local area. What to do with your old lights? Recycle them at Ikea.

8. Insulate for Temperature Control

Cosy furniture in full light next to a window
Image: @_tinyhaus

No matter what climate you live in, a cold and drafty house is not ideal. A house with no insulation can lose up to 40% of heat through the ceiling. Good insulation will also help you maintain cooler temperatures on the hottest days. In order to keep toasty warm in winter, and refreshingly chilled in summer, it’s best to insulate your ceiling with the best insulation you can afford. For more eco points, choose an environmentally friendly insulation option.

9. Use Reclaimed Materials

Home renovations can be costly. To help save money, why not use reclaimed materials such as floorboards? Reclaimed items just aren’t eco friendly, they also create a home that is as individual as you. Often salvaged from demolished buildings such as schools or factories, these kinds of materials also often have a cool story attached. As far as home renovation tips go – this one’s a popular favourite!

10. Give Cabinets a Facelift

Sometimes the foundations of a cabinet or wardrobe are in perfect condition, but the doors may need work. Instead of replacing the whole unit, simply replace the parts that are worn away. This could be as easy as a simple lick of paint or just buying some new doors. Working this way can save a stack of money.

11. Get Communal

As far a home renovation tips go, surprisingly, Facebook can be a handy tool in your reno journey. Marketplace can be used to buy and sell tools or materials. If you’re thinking about giving away any old cabinets or materials you pull out of your house, this can help you save on skip bin fees.

The Facebook group, My Energy Efficient Electric Home, is full of environmentally friendly home enthusiasts willing to lend a hand to make your home earth-friendly too.

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