Your Favourites Tie for December!


Welcome back for another year of fun revolutionaries!

2016 has started with a bang, as the latest vote for your favourite style & fashion look for December has for the very first time resulted in a tie.  Yes, and amazingly, equal top voted fashionistas were a guy and a gal.

Most of you check the monthly winners announcement on our Favourites page. You would have spotted Morgan Stonebridge as our latest winner…

Street Style Australia winner for December

Voted equal favourite: Morgan Stonebridge, Make-up Artist from Melbourne

…but some of you might have missed the other new photo! Voted equal favourite for his style and fashion look was Devan Wallace, also spotted in Melbourne by our photographer Mary Tham.

street style Australia winner for December

Equal Favourite Style & Fashion Look for December: Devan Wallace

Congratulations to both of you guys!  Our email to you will be on the way soon! You each win a fabulous bundle of Happy Socks that’ll be sent directly from Happy Socks in Sweden plus a fabulous fashion shoot…details coming soon! What a way to start the year, woo-hoo!


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