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Fashion Week highlights, lowlights and outfits worn by JoAnn Goh, aka The Glam Whisperer: here’s what she wore and what she saw….

One of the most enjoyable things about attending Fashion Week every day is the amazing people you get to meet.  One of those, attending this year for the first time from Perth, was JoAnn Goh, aka  fashion blogger The Glam Whisperer. JoAnn couldn’t help but make an impression every single day.  It wasn’t just the attention to detail she’d given each day’s striking outfit. It was her warm and dynamic personality that acted as a magnet for all who had an interest in something other than themselves.

There’s a fair bit of effort putting together some of the eye-catching outfits JoAnn put together.  One dress alone weighed around 5-6 kilos. So when you have a airline-imposed weight limit on what you can bring with you, how did she manage?  We had to ask.  Her answer proved she’s every bit the fashionista she appears to be:

“Paying nearly $350 in excess baggage fees! My luggage was 43kg – 2 whole suitcases and one carry on. You can’t really be a minimalist when you’re attending Fashion Week every day for the week. ”

By now you’d have seen heaps of  coverage of Fashion Week, from both on and off the runways. But unless you were there, you would’ve missed seeing JoAnn’s great styling and stunning outfits each day. Here’s a gallery of what she wore and what she saw, along with her personal fashion highlights and a few  low-lights from the week, too.

Day 1:

Shows Attended – Ginger & Smart, Mischa Collection

The Glam Whisperer at Fashion Week Day 1

“I am wearing a kimono top – styled as a bell sleeve top and pleated skirt from  Jonte Designs. My top and skirt are from Jonte’s latest Galvanised Collection which is inspired by elements of minerals and rock faces with an industrial feel.

I believe that it is important to be supporting local designers and hence why I decided to wear an outfit from my favourite Perth designer for my first day.

The star heels are Giuseppe Zanotti.”

Day 2:

Shows Attended – Clean Cut Fashion Seminar

The Glam Whisperer_ wearing gold pleats

“I’m wearing a metallic gold pleated skirt also from a Perth online store called Hello Parry. I bought the skirt after seeing Alexa Chung (one of my muses) wear her gold Gucci skirt with a rainbow striped cashmere sweater. This skirt can be styled many ways which is a sustainable practice. For MBFWA, I layered a NastyGal halter neck sequin top on top of an ASOS white shirt. The black and gold belt to cinch in the waist is from Rodeo Show. Dressed the gold and sequins down with a pair of white Adidas Superstars sneakers.”

Day 3:

Shows Attended – Ragtrader Seminar

The Glam Whisperer at Fashion Week Day 3

“I ‘m wearing a pink Alice McCall cami top paired with a pink Rodeo Show skirt. The structured military blazer is from Camilla and Marc. The hat is from Lack of Colour. Shoes are Adidas Superstar sneakers. I really wanted to wear something pink and girlie contrasted with something masculine and structured.”

Day 4:

Shows Attended – Han Studios, Swim Designer Showcase, Dyspnea party, Cynthia Rowley

The Glam Whisperer

“I’m wearing an old season Camilla jacket from her “Power of Prayer” collection. Styled with a plain grey marle shirt from Mix Apparel (from Coles!!) and denim shorts from NastyGal. The embellished boots are Giuseppe Zanotti inspired.”

Day 5:

Shows Attended – NextGen, The Innovators, Raffles International Showcase, Pacific Resort, Oscar De La Renta

The Glam Whisperer Day 5

“I’m wearing a limited edition H & M and Balmain pink dress. I really wanted to get more use of this dress as I would normally wear this to a ball. So I dressed it down and gave it juxtaposition by wearing it with an ASOS denim dress as a coat and Adidas sneakers.

 The only items that I rushed out to buy for Fashion Week were the Jonte items for Day 1 and the Hello Parry gold skirt for Day 2. It is important for me to be able to style all of the pieces in different ways once Fashion Week is over. Everything else is from my closet.”


JoAnn’s Fashion Week Highlights

Han Studios: “The energy in this show was incredible! I loved the fast-paced industrial vibes of the show and I left feeling very pumped.”

Next Gen show: “My favourite designers that showed at MBFWA were not the established designers but the upcoming, emerging designers. I loved how innovative they were and I left feeling so inspired. The standouts for me were Kaliver and Anna Quan label. I’m very excited for the direction that these designers are heading.”

Oscar De la Renta closing show: “This was a once in a lifetime chance that I’m really grateful to have witnessed with Shanina Shaik closing the show. It was such a beautiful tribute to the late designer.”

JoAnn’s Fashion Week Lowlights

The Swimwear Resort Show: “I was really disappointed with this show. I would have liked to see healthier looking models and the styling needed more oomph!”

Dypsnea party:  “I absolutely love Dypsnea clothes but I would have preferred to see the clothes coming down the runway as opposed to a casual party.”

“Waiting around for an hour for the Pacific Resort show to start. It was really unfortunate that the roof collapsed inside the theatre, but it would have been nice for the organisers to have advised us of the situation so that we could go and get food – most of us have been up early to attend shows at 9am! Having said that, I did attend the rescheduled show later and it was worth the wait. ”

 New Connections

“I saw many mega bloggers at MBFWA that I’ve fan-girled over on Instagram. However for me, it was not about the ‘famous’ people, but real people who are passionate about what they do and how it interacts with fashion.
• Sharna Lovell from Chaplaincy Arts Australia
. Sharna is the official chaplain for Fashion Week and she is there to support and promote the well-being of models and everyone in the fashion industry. I had no idea such a job existed!”

• The crew from Model Citizen
“I met the team behind Brisbane based mens streetwear label Model Citizen who were showing at MBFWA for the first time as part of Pacific Resort. They were all such a kind and lovely bunch and it was exciting being able to follow their journey along with the other Fijian designers such as Jo Kilda. I am forever grateful to Eeshaal Niranjan – the designer behind Model Citizen, he was incredibly kind and helped me out to attend one of the shows.”

Shristi_ one of the crew from Model Citizen at the Pacific Resort Runway

Shristi one of the crew from Model Citizen at the Pacific Resort Runway

Model Citizen on the Runway

Model Citizen on the Runway

Model citizen

Model Citizen on the Runway


Anastasia FUA – street style photographer
“Anastasia took street style pictures of me at Carriageworks and we  bonded. Anastasia lives and breathes street style photography. She is a free soul……her energy and passion for life is so contagious. I love hearing her stories about her love for dancing and the arts and how fashion inspires her as well.”

Twice Blessed bloggers
“I was initially too scared to approach them but my friend Priscilla encouraged me to. Bec & Marissa are the sisters behind Twice Blessed and they are incredibly Insta famous. I follow the Twice Blessed sisters not just for their incredible style but because of their courage to remain true to themselves and their faith. My faith is very important to me and through my conversations with Bec and Marissa, it was very evident that these girls are so much more than their fashion – they have so much substance behind them.”

Glam Whisperer JoAnn Goh with Blogging Sisters Bec & Marissa from Twice Blessed

Glam Whisperer JoAnn Goh with Blogging Sisters Bec & Marissa from Twice Blessed

Dusk Devi
“I met Dusk on our way to the Dypsnea party. We were both lost in the carpark and I ended up in the car with her, trying to find the party at Sun Studios. Dusk has a wealth of knowledge on the fashion industry – she is an accomplished writer, journalist and photographer. We had many conversations in the car and we just clicked.”

The Glam Whisperer and Dusk Devi at Fashion Week

JoAnn (R) with Sandhya from Dusk Devi

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  1. JoAnn is a Fairy Rockstar Queen! She is awesome and it was such a pleasure meeting her
    …likewise Cocktail Revolution’s publisher… Stacey is a dynamo! Such fantastic people!

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