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How Statement Earrings Will Help You Reinvent Your Outfit

Womens Jewellery

Even if your wardrobe is perfectly curated to your taste and full of women’s fashion essentials, there will be moments where your favourite fashion finds are leaving you feeling more ‘blah’ than brilliant. Buying a new outfit every time this feeling comes over you is neither practical nor affordable. Turning to belts and bags helps, but there’s only so much wardrobe space for these items. It’s time to pay some respect to the secret weapon in womens fashion. Enter, womens jewellery and the statement earring.

Over time, building up your earring collection is a fantastic way to ensure you have countless possibilities to add interest to your outfits without breaking the bank and clogging up precious wardrobe space. Whether you think bigger is better, are a fan of pearls and high quality diamonds or love an asymmetrical finish, there’s plenty to play around with when it comes to statement earrings.

Get Abstract Womens Jewellery

women's fashion looks can easily be upgraded with statement earings
L: Anna Quan fashion

Amp up your ensemble to the max with abstract womens jewellery via statement earrings. The sculptural trend is having a major moment in women’s jewellery right now, particularly in the world of jewellery. Modern art-inspired earrings can give your outfit a quirky twist. Add some edge to a demure outfit with angular pieces or soften up a more masculine look with smooth lines and rounded edges.

Asymmetrical earrings are also a great way to play into the abstract trend, so ditch the rules and have fun with it.

Elevate Your 9 to 5

Statement earrings help reinvent womens fashion even for your corporate wardrobe

Looking your best is often the last thing on your mind when you’ve hit the snooze button one too many times and find yourself rushing to beat the morning commute. Something as simple as mixing your standard work wardrobe with a pair of eye-catching earrings can elevate your outfit and help you glide through the workday with added confidence.

You’d be surprised at just how effective womens jewellery can be in amping up your look. A pair of statement earrings can be in amping up your attire in the workplace and shifting your attitude in the process. A simple black office dress or suit can be instantly transformed by a killer pair of earrings.

Embrace the Classics

Statement earrrings definitely refresh womens fashion outfitsOversized pearls, crystals and abstract earrings from past decades are having a big moment in womens jewellery as trends like the 80s throwback and retro vibes gain traction. Don’t be afraid of road testing the earrings you’ve had passed down to you. Or, if you come across earrings that seem ‘old fashioned’ in vintage stores, consider playing around with the throwback trend.

If you don’t have your ears pierced, so many brands carry cute clip-on collections. So go ahead, reinvigorate your outfits via statement earrings!

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