Winter Trends This Week on the Street


There’s definitely been a rush for coats this week on the streets as winter weather sets in.  Women are favouring pants, with men also sporting coats, jumpers and tweeds.  On the colour chart, the mood board’s leaning towards darker tones.



Pants are everywhere at the moment and the dominant trend is wearing them loose and flared.  Jeans cut out at the knee are still out there, but the colder weather’s seen women favouring skin cover over skin views. We’re wearing them looser, wider and flared, while the guys are still wearing them shorter and well above the ankles.

winter trends this week on the street


Whether it’s Sydney, Melbourne, Adelaide or Perth, the single biggest style choice that stands out this week is overalls.  Navy or black, corduroy or denim, overalls are looking like the favoured coverall this winter.

winter trends this week inthe streets


The darker colours are out in force in coats, jackets, overalls and pants.  Both men and women are reaching for the darker shades this week. Comfort colours of black, charcoal, and navy hit the streets this week in droves.

winter trends this week on the street


There’s something about men and light grey knits this week. We’re seeing them everywhere. A welcome contrast to the otherwise heavy winter tones, guys in the streets are wearing light weight light grey knits.

Winter trends this week on the street


 When it comes to necklines we’ve returned to the simplest shape of all: the plain round crew. But far from being boring, it’s adding some welcome simplicity and managing to pull off both elegant and casual.


Winter trends this week on the street


This week’s winter kicks see the staple favourites of sneaker whites go head to head with black patent leather flats.  On top of those we’re seeing statement pieces like leopard skin lace-ups and pretty patterns on flats.

Winter Trends this week on the street


Belts are definitely back in a big way. The wider the better. From gold snake skin to fabrics to trad leathers, they’re out there in force this week on the street.

winter trends this week on the street

That’s all we’ve got for you this week on the street. We’ll be back next week with more winter trends. Meanwhile, don’t forget to check out our latest photo shoot with top-voted style favourite Joselle Singson modelling for high end NYC fashion house TOME.






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