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As part of her prize for topping your vote for favourite style and fashion look, South Australian student Lauren Reid won the opportunity of a fashion shoot  modelling iconic Designer Liza Emanuele‘s  latest range. We promised we had loads more photos of Lauren’s photo shoot.  Here’s our second post with all new outfits on show.

Lauren met designer Liza for the first time at Liza’s  boutique in Adelaide’s fashionable King William Road. A little nervous about the shoot, Lauren first went for coffee at one of the nearby trendy cafe’s, but still found herself arriving fifteen minutes early. Shocked at having topped the vote for Cocktail Revolution’s style fashion favourite, Lauren confessed that some of the jitters  stemmed from not having the usual model “specs”.  When Liza, her assistant Xuan and Regina Sole Queen‘s Rosie all warmly welcomed Lauren into their busy little hub, her nerves faded and Lauren was able to fully enjoy the experience.  After all, that’s what this dedicated fashion photo shoot is all about: styling “real” people!

Taking time out from a hectic day booked almost solid with bridal appointments, Liza was more than happy to meet and help style Lauren’s look.  Lauren was “surprised” at what was chosen for her, as they were choices she wouldn have made for herself, but admitted that she was amazed at how good they looked and how great they felt to wear. “I wouldn’t have chosen them for myself. I’m so glad at the choices that were made for me. They looked and felt amazing!”

Describing her experience as not only enjoyable but having taught her so much more about what suits her, Lauren went on to say: ” The whole experience made me reassess my choices and what styles and colours really suit me. I learnt a lot.”

And here are those amazing photos from Lauren’s shoot!

Liza Emanuele- modelled by Lauren Reid


Liza_Emanule_Lauren_Reid BW_Windswept

Lauren Reid models in King William Rd

Lauren’s take on this outfit?

“This dress was definitely the most fun to wear. It was fun and flirty and was the one that I felt was most me.”

Dress: Liza Emanuele – AMELIA

Heels: Regina Sole Queen – DIVANE

Lauren Reid in Green Liza Emanuele Dress

Lauren Reid models Liza Emanule Dress with Reginal Sole Queen Shoes

Lauren’s take on this outfit?

“I thought the colour and style suited me. It’s the kind of outfit I don’t really get the chance to wear, but I loved it and it was incredibly comfortable. I’d love to wear more of this style!”

Dress: Liza Emanuele – OLIVIA

Heels: Regina Sole Queen – WHISP

Lauren Reid modelling her favourite Liza Emanuele dress

Lauren Reid twirls while modelling Liza Emanuel Floral kaftan

Lauren’s take on this outfit?

“This one was the one I immediately gravited towards when I saw it on the rack. It felt beautiful, lovely and fun.”

Kaftan: Liza Emanuele – KIRSTY

Lauren Reid models Liza Emanuele's "Michelle"

Lauren Reid in Liza Emanuel "Michelle"

"Michelle" modelled by Lauren Reid

Lauren’s take on this outfit?

“This one had the most equisite detail. It was my least favourite on the hanger. I thought I’d look matronly. But I was so surprised! I felt amazing wearing it and I thought the structure really suited me. I felt it made me walk taller and more confidently. I loved it!”

Dress : Liza Emanuele – MICHELLE

Heels: Regina Sole Queen – THRILL

Designer Liza Emanuele with model Lauren Reid

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Style & Fashion Favourite November 2015: Lauren Reid


Twenty one year old Flinders University student Lauren Reid topped the vote for your favourite style and fashion look in a very tough month to win – November!  Lucky Lauren, from South Australia won a fabulous $300 voucher from  popular Adelaide Designer Liza Emanuele together with a fashion shoot at Liza’s eponymous boutique in Adelaide’s fashionable Hyde Park. On top of that Lauren also won a large and colourful bundle of Happy Socks that were sent to her directly by Happy Socks in Sweden.

We spotted Lauren at the Adelaide Fashion Festival where Lauren was about to  cover one of the shows for  Feud Magazine. She did a great job at that, by-the-way! As Lauren tells it: “I was waiting outside for  Sharmonie – Feud’s Editor – to arrive,  when I was approached to have my photo taken. To say I was taken aback would be quite an understatement!”

Lauren Reid as she was snapped waiting for her Editor at The Adelaide Fashion Festival 2015

Lauren’s winning pic – snapped as she was waiting for her Editor to arrive at the Adelaide Fashion Festival

Even though I work in retail fashion and also write about it, I still feel quite on the outer of the industry. At 5 ft. tall and a size 12 I certainly don’t have that fashion blogger or model ‘look’, and being on a student budget so many of my outfits (like the one I was wearing that day) come straight from op shops or chain stores. So you can imagine how chuffed I was to be chosen for a street style pic by Cocktail Revolution, and even more blown away when Sharmonie messaged me on Facebook to say that I had actually won! I think I just laughed in disbelief!”

While Lauren was very much looking forward to her shoot, it had to wait for her return from a family holiday over the festive season, to visit ancestral roots!  “My ethnic background is quite mixed (but very European), with the last three generations of my family either being born here or coming to Australia from England, Ireland, Scotland and Sweden. I’m still not entirely sure how those genetics gave me such dark features!”

As soon as she was back, she let us know and the shoot with Liza Emanuele was on!

Imagine being styled by your fashion icon!

“I was really excited when I first heard that part of the prize, along with the Happy Socks, was that I was going to be doing a fashion shoot with Liza Emanuele. I was so nervous, I arrived 15 minutes early. But I loved the whole experience and I felt like a princess.”

Because I don’t look like a model I don’t usually wear the kind of outfits they chose for me. I wouldn’t have chosen them for myself. But I have to say that I think they (Liza and her team) knew what suited me better than I did. They – Liza and her assistant Xuan, and  Rosie from Regina Sole Queen – made me feel wonderful, and so did wearing those beautiful clothes.”

Liza had so many choices ready for Lauren to model, we’re including just a few of them here. We’re doing a second post of Lauren’s modelling assignment for Liza Emanuele! 😉

NB: Until 28 February 2016, Liza Emanuele Boutique’s offering Cocktail Revolutionaries and fashionistas a generous 10% discount off ALL stock including those already discounted! Just enter COCKTAIL at checkout.

Lauren Reid Reclining in Liza Emanuele gownLauren Reid Poses in Liza EmanueleLauren_wears_Liza_3Lauren_New_3Winner's Profile_ Lauren Reid_4Lauren is wearing: maxi dress animal print – Rebekah – By Liza Emanuele

Liza_attends_Lauren_6Liza_and_Lauren_5Lauren_Reid_wearing_Liza_Emanule_Regina_Sole_Queen_8 Lauren_Liza_Emanuele_Black_Sequins_Reginal_Sole_Queen*8ALauren_Black_sequins_9
Lauren is wearing:

Sequin Panel Dress in Black Sandy by Liza Emanuele

Thrill black heels by Regina Sole Queen


Photoshoot at Liza Emanuele Boutique, King William Road, Hyde Park, (Adelaide).


Turning a Young Professional into a Men’s Fashion Model


When an already stylish young Aussie is the subject of a fashion photo shoot, you’d wonder if there can be any room for improvement. Adam Birch topped the vote in September 2015 as having your favourite style and fashion look.  So he was already stylish.  Then as part of  his prize, Jack London came to the party. They presented him with a $200 voucher and a styling session for the photo shoot. Those really cool photos appear in our Winner’s Profile.  Yet there are more photos and styles that we haven’t yet shared. Just how stylist Paul Youkhana went about turning a young professional into a men’s fashion model can be seen in these new pics. We just have to share them with you!

Adam says his personal style is influenced by his profession: he’s an Urban Planner.  He prefers a more conservative look that blends in with his urban surroundings.  When he won your vote, he sported a monochrome grey look, complete with grey bow-tie. Yet his favourite outfit after his styling session involved a green blazer! Added to this was a floral neck scarf with tortoise shell sunnies. Hardly the look to blend in with the bluestone and concrete of Melbourne city. Had he not been styled by the very capable Paul with Jack London merchandise, no doubt Adam couldn’t have imagined he’d look so good in so much colour!

On top of that, until Paul selected the various accessories to help finish Adam’s look, Adam said he would never have thought of wearing them.  “I would never have picked them out.”  Yet now says Adam, “It all looked so good and was so comfortable, I’d go straight back and see Paul for a new look.”

Cocktail Revolution’s Mary Tham was there to photograph Adam’s transformation from already stylish to fashion-model-stylish. Here are the other two looks that Adam would not have put together himself, but which he loved!

Jack London re-styles Adam BirchJack London styles Adam BirchMustard blazer Jack London

All items from Jack London

Mustard Blazer: Shawl

Shirt: Sunglight

Cravat: Floral Neck Scarf

Chinos: Slim Larry Chinos

Shoes: Tan Brogue

Sunnies: Kane Sunglasses

check suit red bow tie Jack Londoncheckered_3_piececheckered_3_piece_red_bow_tiecheck_3_Piece_top_halfcheck_3_piececheck_3_piece_jack_london_bag_finalAll items from Jack London

Three Piece Suit: Navy Faith Suit

Shirt: Oxford

Bow Tie: Red Pin Dot

Pocket Square: Altham

Shoes: Tan Brogue

Stylist: Paul Youkhana

Photographer: Mary Tham

Model: Adam Birch


Style & Fashion Favourite: September 2015


Adam Birch is  34, an urban planner, a Melbourne resident and he topped the vote for your favourite style and fashion look for September. Along with a fabulous bundle of Happy Socks sent directly from Sweden, Adam received a $200 voucher  from Jack London along with an in-store photoshoot and styling session at their Swanston street store.

Adam was on his way to grab a coffee during his lunch break when he was spotted by our street style photographer Mary Tham. He was surprised and flattered.  Favouring self-tying bow-ties, Adam was wearing a grey speckled one in his satorial monochrome look with grey Calvin Klein Jumper, Zara jacket and Uniqlo chinos. He was thrilled when he found out his look topped the vote.

Always the Urban Planner, Adam’s approach to style is based on his belief that “most people try to blend in with the urban environment and the climate. Melbourne tends to be quite dark and grey in tone, with bluestone pavement, rendered concrete and unpredictable weather. Wearing a jacket is not only practical for when it get cold, but always looks good on a man, and gives you much needed pockets to carry your wallet and phone.

Melbourne is a very fashionable city and its great to be part of it. I don’t see myself as a slave to fashion, but rather use it as as means of expressing myself. I tend to play it safe with colour, and adopt a monochromatic approach, or go for the other extreme and go all out with colour. I like to have fun with clothing and I don’t try to take myself too seriously.”

While excited, Adam kept a totally open mind about the shoot and styling session with Jack London and made sure he didn’t even check out their on-line shop before-hand. He was surprised that “everything fit so well! The tailoring was really top notch and Paul was so professional and expert. I really enjoyed it,” he said.

Meanwhile, stylist Paul Youkhana also enjoyed working with Adam. Said Paul: “The whole thing was fun. Adam was clearly surprised with my choices but looked so good and so  confident in them.  You could see he was enjoying the session.”

Jack London Cocktail Revolution Photoshoot Green BlazerJack London stylist Paul Youkhana adds finishing touches to Adam Birch's lookJack London linen Jacket neck scarfstone chinos, tortoise shell sunglasses Jack LondonSunnies_outsideclose_up_cravatJack_London_outside

All Items By Jack London

Blazer: Linen Car Jacket

Shirt: Sunlight Shirt

Scarf: Floral Neck Scarf

Chinos: Slim Larry Chinos

Sunnies: Kane Sunglasses

Pocket Square: Derby Pocket Square

Shoes: Tan Brogue

Navy 3 piece Jack London Suit worn by Adam Birch adjustments by Paul Youkhanaphotoshoot Jack London StoreAdam Birch Modelling Jack London Double Breasted suitJack London Navy Double Breasted SuitAdam_BirchAdam_Birch_double_breasted_suitAdam_Birch_bestAdam Birch Models Jack London double brested suit out front of their Melbourne Store

All Items by Jack London

Double Breasted Suit: Buckley

Shirt: Oxford

Tie: Valium

Tie Bar: Shiny

Pocket Square: Althum

Shoes: Tan Brogue

Photoshoot: Jack London, Swanston St Melbourne

Stylist: Paul Youkhana

Photographer: Mary Tham

Model: Adam Birch





More of our Alannah Hill Photo Shoot -Sladjana Skoric


As promised, we’ve got loads more photos to share of our wonderful photoshoot with Alannah Hill’s The Strand Arcade Store with last month’s style and fashion winner, Sladjana Skoric. Here’s the second last post in this colourful series, photographed by Alice Sciberras.

We asked Sladjana what she was expecting when she arrrived at the store.

“I didn’t think it would be that much fun. I had a blast! The girls in store were just so amazing and helpful and Alice (the photographer) had so many ideas she was just as helpful. The experience was truly amazing, I enjoyed myself so much and especially trying all the outfits that I wouldn’t usually try. This experience definitely opened my eyes to trying alternative fashion styles and taking new fashion risks. ”



Sladjana’s take on this outfit?

“This outfit is something I would rock, it’s so classy but yet at the same time so cheeky, and I think your outfits should always reflect your personality.”

Top: Don’t Think Twice

Skirt: I Wanna Say Mmm

Flower: Carried Away

Black Bag: Through The Tulips

Raspberry Bag: Look at Me

Heels: For Your Eyes Only

Mirror_stylist_gloves_bestBlue_Lace_glove_hat_close_Up_hands_hipsblue_lace_dress_Hat_standingBlue_lace_dress_twirlBlue_lace_dress_with_hat_jpgBlue_lace_detailhat_close_upSladjana’s Take on this Outfit?

“Whilst this dress is not something I would choose for myself, it flattered all my features and I love the feminine flirty colour. ”

Dress: Happy Dreamer

Necklace: Cocktail Kisses

Gloves: Audrey Rose

Heels: Bitter Sweet

All Photos: Alice Sciberras


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