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March Style-Fash Fave: Demi Tsioumanis


We now know that March’s style-fash fave, Demi Tsioumanis from Melbourne was wearing a top and skirt that she designed her self when she was snapped at the Virgin Australia Fashion Festival. Her edgy look was complimented with Georgia Pattou earings and Windsor Smith heels.



Here’s Demi’s reaction about topping the vote:

“My photo was captured as I was about to enter the Graduates Showcase at VAMFF. I was very flattered (and a little bit lost) when approached by the photographer as I’ve never been photographed before. I had absolutely no idea how to pose! I think I may have even asked how she wanted me to pose for her.. oops!

I was so excited to find out that I was even going to be featured in your gallery, so the fact that I actually won was a MASSIVE surprise! It’s funny because the day I found out I thought ‘hey, let’s check out their Facebook page and give it a like’ and my photo was the first thing that came up and I was like “WHAAAAT, I WON?!”

Starting off studying Fashion Design and Technology, Demi’s now focused on her art career which she also writes about in her blog about her loves: art, fashion and music. 20 year old Demi says her creativity’s been inspired by her mum’s craft business and the art classes she took while she lived for a time in Greece.

Says Demi about her style: “I’ve never really been one to follow fashion trends and I get most of my inspiration from Tumblr and Pinterest.”

“I have so many different styles that I can hardly keep up with myself. I had a bit of a laugh with a friend the other day because I realised how random my style is… I’m heavily inspired by Baroque art and architecture, but also 90’s grunge and urban fashion (old school Ralph Lauren, Nike and Tommy Hilfiger). I think the weirdest part is that I’m also obsessed with children’s movies such as Alice in Wonderland, Sleeping Beauty, Cinderella and Barbie. I’m almost like a sophisticated wannabe fairy princess/thug that loves history and psychology. I know… how am I even human?!”

style fashion favourite March 2016

My favourite labels are Dolce & Gabbana, Balmain, KTZ,  Maison Martin Margiela (the face masks are my absolute favourite) and Australian brand Dyspnea. I’m also obsessed with Fashion Graduate collections; if I had the money I wouldn’t wear anything but their designs. Seriously amazing!”

Thank you for such an amazing opportunity!”

Demi wins an amazingly colourful bunch of Happy Socks and undies and a photo shoot we’ll be posting in a couple of weeks, so watch out for it, in Our Say.

Meanwhile, check out Demi’s artwork and blog!







Olga Millar: Photo Shoot for Mia Style Boutique


When Olga Millar was top voted for your favourite style-fash look for February 2016, we had a dilemma on our hands.  Olga was snapped by our Sydney-based photographer Alice Sciberras who spotted Olga in Pitt St.  When we contacted Olga to congratulate her and organise her prizes and the photo shoot, we discovered Olga actually came from the Gold Coast and not Sydney as we’d thought.   Mmmmmm….Gold Coast fashions, ..mmmm…. where to find…

That’s when we realised that Olga’s love of quality fashion would lead us to discover the amazing Elma from Mia Style boutique on the Gold Coast. We can’t take the credit for setting up this photo shoot with Mia Style. We’ve all been surprised and blown away by what we found at Mia Style.  More about that later. While Mia Style Owner Elma was amazingly supportive and determined to go the extra mile for Olga and our shoot, suffice to say, this shoot was all Olga’s doing, as you’ll discover below.

As Olga is such a dynamo, we’re excited to share what Olga had to say about  setting up the shoot and what was involved:

“I have been a dedicated shopper at Mia style firstly because the shop always has different stock and not many pieces of each item so it is quite rare to see someone wearing the same outfit as you do. They have a vast variety of Italian made clothing and shoes that are quite conceptual and quirky. It does have the range of pretty girl next door to rock chic which suits me very well as I do love a variety of styles.

Choosing the outfits for the photoshoot was a difficult and easy task at the same time as I just picked out the things I really liked for myself and already have in my wardrobe (that was the easy part) and then we also wanted to show a variety of styles Mia Style has to offer (and that is where it got more difficult).

So we started with the casual look and finished with the going out cocktail style outfit. We organized going into the shop beforehand and with the help of lovely Elma, Lana and Sasha (and maybe a few glasses of bubblies) we just kept trying on a variety of clothes , shoes and bags and mixing them together. It was an extremely fun and creative experience for all of us and I have to say that it took us a fair bit of effort and Elma driving home to get more clothes and bringing new stock in was impressive J

I was given the freedom to choose whatever I wanted and put the outfits together which I believe worked very well in the end and each outfit represents a part of me and my style so I guess by looking at the outfits you are looking at my personality and it goes from the comfortable casual through the cosmic electro to the cocktail going out look.

The gift I am getting is this lace yellow skirt , we are waiting for it to arrive from Italy :)”


All Items modelled by Olga are made in Italy for Mia Style. You can find Mia style at Shop 3G8A, 15/21 Isle of Capri, Gold Coast. Or, call Elma on (07) 553 88 660.

Fashon shoot Mia Style

Fashon shoot Mia Style

Olga Millar Fashon shoot Mia Style

Fashon shoot Mia Style Fashon shoot Mia Style

Olga Millar Fashon shoot Mia Style

Location: Manolas Brothers Providores

Ola Millar fashion shoot for Mia Style, Gold Coast Boutique

Ola Millar fashion shoot for Mia Style, Gold Coast Boutique

Ola Millar fashion shoot for Mia Style, Gold Coast Boutique




Ola Millar fashion shoot for Mia Style, Gold Coast Boutique

Location: Edge Water Dining

Ola Millar fashion shoot for Mia Style, Gold Coast Boutique

Ola Millar fashion shoot for Mia Style, Gold Coast Boutique


Ola Millar fashion shoot for Mia Style, Gold Coast Boutique

Ola Millar fashion shoot for Mia Style, Gold Coast Boutique

Ola Millar fashion shoot for Mia Style, Gold Coast Boutique

Ola Millar fashion shoot for Mia Style, Gold Coast Boutique

Ola Millar fashion shoot for Mia Style, Gold Coast Boutique

Ola Millar fashion shoot for Mia Style, Gold Coast Boutique

Ola Millar fashion shoot for Mia Style, Gold Coast Boutique

Ola Millar fashion shoot for Mia Style, Gold Coast Boutique

Location: Pomeroy’s

Ola Millar fashion shoot for Mia Style, Gold Coast Boutique

Ola Millar fashion shoot for Mia Style, Gold Coast Boutique

Ola Millar fashion shoot for Mia Style, Gold Coast Boutique

Ola Millar fashion shoot for Mia Style, Gold Coast Boutique

Ola Millar fashion shoot for Mia Style, Gold Coast Boutique

Ola Millar fashion shoot for Mia Style, Gold Coast Boutique

Location: Edge Water Dining

All Photos: Natalie from Interlaced Media.




Meet Olga Millar: February Favourite 2016


Meet Olga Millar, February Favourite 2016

Olga Millar was on holiday from the Gold Coast when she was spotted by photographer Alice Sciberras in Pitts St, Sydney in February. That would explain her colourful, quirky and definitely eye catching look on the day she was snapped. -Definitely not what we’d expected to see as a “typical” or stereotypical accountant’s style.

Olga Millar: snapped on holiday in Sydney by our photographer Alice Sciberras

Olga Millar: snapped on holiday in Sydney by our photographer Alice Sciberras

On the day, Olga was wearing Chanel hat and shoes, H & M jewellery, Cartier watch, bag by Fendi and a skirt by Mia Style, a fashion boutique near her workplace on the Gold Coast. After topping your vote, Olga’s  winning photo shoot took place at Mia Style and we’re going to bring you heaps of pics in a separate post.

Originally from Russia, now an Aussie, here’s Olga’s story in her own words….

“I grew up in Moscow in Russia. I moved to Australia more than 15 years ago to go to Bond Uni and have lived on the Gold Coast ever since.

I run my own accounting practice and love fashion and everything to do with it. Yes ! Accountants can be trendy and quirky and not grey and boring 🙂

I believe it is possible to describe my style as eclectic. I am a Gemini and my style changes with my personality each day 🙂 I love the florals and lace of Valentino as much as leather jackets, ripped jeans and biker boots of grange Saint Laurent. I guess pearls go well with studs , don’t they? 🙂 Oh yes and I do love fur 🙂 That’s probably the Russian speaking in me… I design my own clothes from time to time and I am lucky to have a brilliant dressmaker who makes my ideas come to life and to my wardrobe.

When I was spotted by the photographer from Cocktail Revolution I was quite surprised as we were just doing a very touristy thing with my husband , going to check out the fish markets. When I found out that I’ve won it was a bit of a shock as I didn’t really have thousands of my friends on Facebook to vote or anything like that. I suppose being yourself and wearing nice clothes pays off.”

Here’s a sneak-peek from Olga’s head-turning fashion shoot for Mia Style, photographed by Natalie from Interlaced Media.


Watch out for a separate post on the shoot this week, that’ll include all the deets on everything  Olga’s wearing in Our Say!


Photo Shoot: Devan Wallace for gentSac


We organised a photo shoot of December’s winner of your vote for favourite style and fashion look, Devan Wallace, with gentSac men’s grooming and essentials subscription service.  We went to Devan’s home and were there when he received his gentSac, part of his prize for topping the vote. Delighted and surprised as he removed items one by one from the gentSac package, Devan looked like the quintessential gentSac “Dapper Man“.

gentSac men's subscription essentialsBefore sending the Dapper Man gentSac by courier, Shira from gentSac first spoke to Devan to understand his grooming preferences.

As we were photographing, we kept asking Devan to stop smiling so he’d look uber-cool in the shots, but he couldn’t help but smile as he took out each premium item, one by one.  Although he had some idea of what to expect, he said he was still delighted with the high quality and range of products.

Said Devan: “It was a lot of fun receiving the gift and being photographed. GentSac’s idea is really cool. It’s a really good product, because let’s be honest, men don’t buy grooming products and toiletries, even though they need them!”

Eventually, we agreed to the “blue-steel” look as you’ll see below.   GentSac may include photos from our photo shoot on their website and we expect many of these will be with Devan’s “blue-steel” look. But we also want to share with you the many photos of Devan smiling with delight. It was fun, after all! Here’s our Dapper Man…



Devan Wallace for gentSac

Devan gets ready for photo shoot for gentsac




Devan Wallace with gentSac men's subscription essentials


















Style & Fashion Favourite December 2015: Devan Wallace


Devan Wallace, the twenty five year old marketing professional  who “equal-topped” your vote for favourite style and fashion look for December 2015, was walking through Melbourne when stopped by street style photographer, Mary Tham.

At the time, Devan’s ensemble included a three piece Peter Jackson Suit, Rhodes and Beckett shirt, shoes from David Jones, Happy Socks, and his favourite Michael Kors watch.

Originally from Durban, South Africa and with all pride and patriotism still running through his veins, Devan’s made Melbourne his home for the past two years, with his Melbourne girlfriend and partner.

Naturally, he’s a keen rugby enthusiast and while he’ll happily engage you in all the positives about his wonderful homeland, he’s also a keen traveler who sounds like he’s not yet finished seeing the world. But he’s also a busy entrepreneur who runs a thriving sports marketing company which he plans to develop “to a level where I can directly impact the unemployment situation in South Africa and help eliminate poverty”. Currently enrolled in a  Masters’ level marketing course with Stellenbosch university, it sounds like Devan is learning as much as he can to make sure he achieves his goal.

We stopped by Devan’s home to snap these pics when he received his prize worth over $200, from gentSac, a  premium mens’ essentials subscription service based in Sydney.

Devan was quoted as saying he “enjoys the finer things in life”. We think his appreciation of quality  was evident as he opened his Dapper Man gift box of premium products  that had been carefully selected for him by Shira from gentSac. We’ll be featuring Devan in another post shortly, with more shots of him  modelling for gentsac!

devan Wallace gentSac

Devan Wallace getSac

Devan Wallace with gentSac Undies

Devan Wallace gentSac

Devan Wallace gentSac

Post Script: Like all our lucky monthly winners, Devan also received a fab bundle of Happy Socks from Sweden. Make-up Artist Morgan Stonebridge who was also snapped in Melbourne tied with Devan for equal highest votes. Morgan’s received her Happy Socks, but we’re unable to photo shoot with her in her current location. We hope to be able to post  some photos from Morgan at a later date.




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