Winners Profile & Photoshoot

Designer Paige Rowe Styles Annabelle Jones


June’s top-voted style-fash fave Annabelle Jones won a photo shoot modelling Paige Rowe Designs. We asked designer Paige to select and style Annabelle’s look from her current collection.

We met up with June’s top-voted style-fash favourite, Annabelle Jones from South Australia for her featured fashion shoot at Adelaide Designer Paige Rowe’s pop-up in King William Road, Hyde Park. While she was unfamiliar with the designer until shortly before the shoot, we thought Paige’s designs and Annabelle’s’s look were a natural fit. We loved the look Make-up Artist Annie – as she’s known – came up with for her hair and make-up.

Annabel Jones models Paige Rowe designs

#First, Meet Annie Jones

Here’s a little bit more about Annie, in her own words….

“My style varies, I love high waisted jeans or pencil skirts, pops of colour and pieces that emphasise organic shape. I see my style as romantic, free and sort of 70’s inspired. I’m not big on jewellery but I like body chains and watches.

I’m a makeup artist, I constantly adventure into different trends, colours and techniques with my makeup. I love transforming my clients and seeing their smile on their faces As they watch the application of my artistry.

When I was photographed in the street by Cocktail Revolution, I was a bit suprised because I was just doing an errand for work. I was flattered, it was a bit exciting and I didn’t think what I was wearing was super wow as it was all black.”

Annie's top-voted style when snapped inthe street

Annie as she was photographed in the street by Cocktail Revolution

Paige personally styled Annie in her Winter 2016 collection.

#Way to Go Annie!

Annabel Jones models Paige Row. Photo: Dimitra Koriozos

Annabelle Jones models Paige Rowe designs

Annabel Jones models Paige Row. Photo: Dimitra Koriozos

Annabelle Jones models Paige Rowe. Photo: Dimitra Koriozos

Annabel Jones models Paige Row. Photo: Dimitra Koriozos


Annabel Jones models Paige Row. Photo: Dimitra Koriozos

Annabel Jones models Paige Row. Photo: Dimitra Koriozos

Annabel Jones models Paige Row. Photo: Dimitra Koriozos

Annabel Jones models Paige Row. Photo: Dimitra Koriozos

Annabel Jones models Paige Row. Photo: Dimitra Koriozos

Annabel Jones models Paige Row. Photo: Dimitra Koriozos

Annabel Jones models Paige Row. Photo: Dimitra Koriozos

Annabel Jones models Paige Row. Photo: Dimitra Koriozos

Annabel Jones models Paige Row. Photo: Dimitra Koriozos

Annabel Jones models Paige Row. Photo: Dimitra Koriozos

Annabel Jones models Paige Row. Photo: Dimitra Koriozos

Annabel Jones models Paige Row. Photo: Dimitra Koriozos

Annabelle Jones, top-voted style-fashion favourite

Annabelle Jones Modelling Paige Rowe Designs

#What Annie Thought About it All

“I really enjoyed the photo shoot. I loved working with Paige’s clothing. I got so excited wearing the vest and collar, they were very much my style. It was great to collaborate with the photographer. We had similar ideas and had fun exploring the location to really harmonise the surroundings and style of  outfits. ”

Paige Rowe styles Annie for the shoot

Paige Rowe styles Annie for the shoot

Paige Rowe styles top voted winner Annabel Jones

Congratulations on a great shoot Annie!

#Well done Annabelle Jones

PS: Paige presented Annie with one of her amazing signature neck pieces and Annie also receives a bundle of Happy Socks sent directly from Happy Socks in Sweden.

We’d love to know what you think of our shoot. Please drop us a line below. 🙂

Paige Rowe labels






Joseanne Wong – Melbourne Photo Shoot


Joseanne Wong’s – Photoshoot

It’s been a bit tricky for us to organise a photo shoot with 23- year old  Joseanne Wong, your style-fash favourite for May. Joseanne’s been on the road from Perth and is currently on holiday in Melbourne. We finally caught up with Joseanne and also fave Melbourne photographer Mark Stanjo to take a few snaps of Joseanne on holiday.

Joseanne organised 3 different outfits for her shoot. Working out of a suitcase and showing us some of her favourite gear, we’re amazed she took and actually got to wear shorts in this freezing weather. #DedicationForYou!

“It was a great experience to have the photo shoot in beautiful Melbourne, despite the chilly and windy weather on that day. I was also fortunate to have my loving sister to help out throughout the shoot. She was practically my PA. Thanks Mark and thanks Cocktail Revolution!”

Here’s what we got! #WellDoneJoseanne #bravomarkWinner's photoshoot

Joseanne Wong poses for Mark Stanjo

Joseanne Wong sipping coffee, Melbourne

Joseanne Wong, Melbourne

Joseanne Wong poses against a wall

Joseanne Wong sitting on steps, Melbourne

Joseanne Wong, crossing the road, Melbourne

Joseanne Wong, crossing street, Melbourne

Joseanne Wong Streetstyle, Melbourne

Joseanne Wong - Melbourne

Joesanne Wong posing for photoshoot by Mark Stanjo

Joseanne Wong in Melbourne

Joseanne Wong photoshoot in Melbourne

Joseanne Wong


Outfit #1

Winter Outfit
Coat – Oxford
Pants – Elle
High Boots – Isabelle Brown
Sunglasses – Burberry

Outfit #2

Formal Attire
Maxi Skirt – Dorothy Perkins
Flats – Nova

Outfit #3

Gathering Outfit
Top – Kookai
Pants – Forever New
Flats – Nova
Sunglasses – Versace





Winner’s Profile: Joseanne Wong from Perth


At almost 23, Joseanne Wong was photographed on one of her usual visits to the city for the photo that topped your vote for favourite style and fashion for May 2016. Malaysian born Joseanne has been in Australia for two years, completing her undergraduate course in Commerce and Marketing at the University of Western Australia.

“I’m still astounded to win the competition. It’s interesting how it all turned out the day Alain spotted me in the city. I was just strolling along Murray St after mass when Alain approached me. Initially, I thought he was some salesman, trying to promote something to me.  I tried to avoid him! Alain just stopped me and explained how my colourful outfit was an interesting fit for Cocktail Revolution’s monthly competition. I was hesitant but delighted at the same time for this great opportunity.

Style fashion Favourite Joseanne Wong's winning Photo

Joseanne in her favourite red leather Jacket

Earlier that Sunday morning, I was deciding between joining my friends for paintball or attending mass at the cathedral. I chose the latter and all this happened! God probably rewarded my devotion to Him… 🙂 ”

I was contacted about winning just before I took my first exam.  I was telling myself, “I had better not write stuff about the photo shoot, fashion etc. on my paper!” How distracted I got! Still, it was great fun.”

Sociable Joseanne is “always keen to meet people from different walks of life.” She figures a job in retail, tourism or aviation industries would be ideal. “I know it will be enjoyable to work in those industries.”

And when it comes to style, Joseanne likes to wear what she sees as being reflective of her own taste and fashion likes. “Honestly, I don’t have a particular favourite brand. I wear a variety of brands from local to international brands such as Mooloola from City Beach, Forever New, Country Road, Kookai, Alannah Hill, Zara, French Connection, Versace, Dolce & Gabbana and many more. I choose my clothing based on the style I feel I relate to, regardless of their brands. I would occasionally shop at local up-markets as these markets are always filled with beautiful handmade/handcraft items, especially accessories.

Style Fashion Favourite Joseanne Wong

“I am attracted to anything yellow, orange, golden brown or red.” (She was photographed in red leather when our photographer Alan Quah spotted her.) “Most of the time, I would pair my outfits with some of these colours, or even have all these four combinations!

I can never go without accessories, especially fashion-statement rings and bracelets. Accessories are beautiful embellishments of one’s outfit that should not lead to overdecorating yourself. We do not want to look like a Christmas tree! 🙂

I love wearing skirts and maxis but I wear them the least as I cycle daily to uni. They’re not convenient for cycling.

My red leather jacket from Queen Victoria market and red cape coat from Alannah Hill are two of my best fashion buys as I receive compliments whenever I wear them. My rad leather jacket’s my favourite and I was happy to be spotted wearing it by Cocktail Revolution.

Did I mention that I love food? Yep! It’s the fresh produce that I can easily obtain, from seafood marinara to steak and lamb, which is what I love about living in Perth or generally in Australia as having these fresh produce are not things that I can easily obtain back home. With that vast variety of fresh produce, cooking in Australia is something I love to do in my spare time. Besides that, I enjoy hiking and visiting the different states of Australia during my semester breaks.

Joseanne Wong Holiday Snap

When it’s time to return to Malaysia, I’ll definitely miss my outdoor adventures,  from skydiving to scuba diving or just my leisurely walk along the beautiful beaches and parks in Australia. Oh, and not to forget the many authentic cuisines Australia has to offer 🙂

All in all, it has been an absolute privilege to be the winner of Cocktail Revolution’s monthly fashion edition. What can I say? Indeed a memorable story to add to my university experience before it all ends in September.

Thank you, from the bottom of my heart.”

Cocktail Revolution’s organising a photo shoot with Joseanne in the next few weeks! Wach this space 😉


April Style-Fash Fave: Lisa Takahashi


Lisa Takahashi from Perth topped your vote for April 2016. For a while there we thought we wouldn’t be able to connect with Lisa.  Thankfully, she got in touch a week or so ago and we can tell you that she’s probably our first top-voted favourite who comes from the south west town of Bunbury, Western Australia.

Originally from Japan, 32 year old Lisa came to Australia for a a working holiday two years ago. Most of that time was spent in Cairns, but she recently moved over to Perth where she was spotted by our photographer Alain Quah.

Lisa was amazed to top the vote. She’d never heard of Cocktail Revolution and needed a little convincing by our photographer just to have her photo taken.  Then, when she was notified that she’d won she wasn’t sure what to make of that either.  Let’s just say, from her point of view it was all unexpected. We’re not sure how we’re going to go organising a fashion photo shoot in Bunbury, but Lisa’s Happy Socks and undies are already on the way to her. Lisa Takahashi- winner of favourite style fashion vote

Lissa Takahashi- top voted style-fash



Designer Erik-Yvon SS17 Preview Photo Shoot


Melbourne Designer Erik-Yvon previews his not-yet-released SS17  range in a photo shoot with your top-voted style-fash winner Demi Tsioumanis.

You know when creatives come together and it just works?  That’s what happened when top-voted style-fash fave Demi Tsioumanis met with talented Melbourne Designer Erik Yvon to model his not-yet-released range. They teamed with top fashion photographer Mark Stanjo. The trio met at Erik’s Brunswick studio and they so enjoyed working together, you could almost feel the positive vibes from emanating from there! More about that later.

This is a preview of Erik-Yvon’s new SS17 range, available around September. It’s inspired by Erik’s school days in the late 90’s with the whole grunge and graf movement. Think of a rebellious teenager with attitude who always questions the norms and doesn’t want to fit in with others except for the closest group of friends. Erik says of the fabrics used: explains: “They are very refined and we’ve also introduced some organic cotton, which is such a good contrast next to this grungy look. -And of course the use of our very own prints which are now our very own signature features within each collection. We’ve also collaborated with a few Melbourne based creatives; illustrator KINAI WONG and Jewellery maker Daniel Waugh.”

“I’m glad Cocktail Revolution is giving away a little sneak peak of what we’ve been working on. The collection is a true representation of Melbourne, and we are proudly produced locally. Every component featured in this collection from the ribbing, buttons, printing, makers have been thoughfully selected and designed to support and promote Melbourne’s craftmanship and community.”

Erik-Yvon SS17

Erik-Yvon SS17

Erik-Yvon SS17

Erik-Yvon SS17

Demi_Erik-Yvon_5Preview Erik-Yvon SS17


Erik-Yvon SS17

Erik-Yvon SS17

Erik-Yvon SS17

Erik-Yvon SS17

Preview Erik-Yvon SS17

Shift Dress: BLAZE

Erik-Yvon SS17

Erik-Yvon SS17

Erik-Yvon SS17


Preview Erik-Yvon SS17


Shorts: I’M HERE



Erik-Yvon SS17

Erik-Yvon SS17

Preview Erik-Yvon SS17

Top: ICI

Pants: ICI

Erik-Yvon SS17

Erik-Yvon SS17

Erik-Yvon SS17

Erik-Yvon SS17

Preview Erik-Yvon SS17

Of the experience, Erik said: “I Loved working with such a professional team. I was stoked when Cocktail Revolution called asking if I would like to be part of this project, and the answer was “OF COURSE, I would love to” . Working with Demi and Mark was so much fun. We all collaborated on this project. Demi is such a pocket rocket of a model. She had the right attitude and suited the style and direction we were going for and Mark knew exactly what he was doing. It was great meeting both creatives and I would definitely would love to work with them again.”

Demi also “really enjoyed the shoot. Both Erik and Mark made me feel extremely comfortable and worked well with me, especially knowing the fact that this was my first proper shoot.

I didn’t know much about Erik’s work, but I’m glad I got the chance to have a chat to him and see where all the magic happens!

I love everything about his designs.. The androgynous silhouettes, asymmetrical features, prints and especially the fabrics he uses; I couldn’t keep my hands out of the pockets because the linings were so amazing.

If I had to pick a favourite it would definitely be the blue wide leg pants. They were very comfy and the way they flicked out when I walked made me feel like a star!

I can’t wait to see what other amazing designs he comes up with in the future.

Thank you for everything. ?”

Erik presented Demi with a gift from his Delta Summer Collection, the Blue Blood top, below left. Lucky girl!

Erik-Yvon’s SS17 range will be out close to September. Can hardly wait!



Designer: Erik-Yvon

Find Erik-Yvon on Facebook or Instagram

Photos: Mark Stanjo

Find Mark Stanjo on Instagram

Model: Demi Tsioumanis








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