Winner’s Profile: Joseanne Wong from Perth


At almost 23, Joseanne Wong was photographed on one of her usual visits to the city for the photo that topped your vote for favourite style and fashion for May 2016. Malaysian born Joseanne has been in Australia for two years, completing her undergraduate course in Commerce and Marketing at the University of Western Australia.

“I’m still astounded to win the competition. It’s interesting how it all turned out the day Alain spotted me in the city. I was just strolling along Murray St after mass when Alain approached me. Initially, I thought he was some salesman, trying to promote something to me.  I tried to avoid him! Alain just stopped me and explained how my colourful outfit was an interesting fit for Cocktail Revolution’s monthly competition. I was hesitant but delighted at the same time for this great opportunity.

Style fashion Favourite Joseanne Wong's winning Photo

Joseanne in her favourite red leather Jacket

Earlier that Sunday morning, I was deciding between joining my friends for paintball or attending mass at the cathedral. I chose the latter and all this happened! God probably rewarded my devotion to Him… 🙂 ”

I was contacted about winning just before I took my first exam.  I was telling myself, “I had better not write stuff about the photo shoot, fashion etc. on my paper!” How distracted I got! Still, it was great fun.”

Sociable Joseanne is “always keen to meet people from different walks of life.” She figures a job in retail, tourism or aviation industries would be ideal. “I know it will be enjoyable to work in those industries.”

And when it comes to style, Joseanne likes to wear what she sees as being reflective of her own taste and fashion likes. “Honestly, I don’t have a particular favourite brand. I wear a variety of brands from local to international brands such as Mooloola from City Beach, Forever New, Country Road, Kookai, Alannah Hill, Zara, French Connection, Versace, Dolce & Gabbana and many more. I choose my clothing based on the style I feel I relate to, regardless of their brands. I would occasionally shop at local up-markets as these markets are always filled with beautiful handmade/handcraft items, especially accessories.

Style Fashion Favourite Joseanne Wong

“I am attracted to anything yellow, orange, golden brown or red.” (She was photographed in red leather when our photographer Alan Quah spotted her.) “Most of the time, I would pair my outfits with some of these colours, or even have all these four combinations!

I can never go without accessories, especially fashion-statement rings and bracelets. Accessories are beautiful embellishments of one’s outfit that should not lead to overdecorating yourself. We do not want to look like a Christmas tree! 🙂

I love wearing skirts and maxis but I wear them the least as I cycle daily to uni. They’re not convenient for cycling.

My red leather jacket from Queen Victoria market and red cape coat from Alannah Hill are two of my best fashion buys as I receive compliments whenever I wear them. My rad leather jacket’s my favourite and I was happy to be spotted wearing it by Cocktail Revolution.

Did I mention that I love food? Yep! It’s the fresh produce that I can easily obtain, from seafood marinara to steak and lamb, which is what I love about living in Perth or generally in Australia as having these fresh produce are not things that I can easily obtain back home. With that vast variety of fresh produce, cooking in Australia is something I love to do in my spare time. Besides that, I enjoy hiking and visiting the different states of Australia during my semester breaks.

Joseanne Wong Holiday Snap

When it’s time to return to Malaysia, I’ll definitely miss my outdoor adventures,  from skydiving to scuba diving or just my leisurely walk along the beautiful beaches and parks in Australia. Oh, and not to forget the many authentic cuisines Australia has to offer 🙂

All in all, it has been an absolute privilege to be the winner of Cocktail Revolution’s monthly fashion edition. What can I say? Indeed a memorable story to add to my university experience before it all ends in September.

Thank you, from the bottom of my heart.”

Cocktail Revolution’s organising a photo shoot with Joseanne in the next few weeks! Wach this space 😉


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