Wild Winter Weather Trends


With some of the wildest winter weather across Aussie streets this week, we’re loving checking out what the bravest are wearing when they venture out. Here’s what we’re seeing this week on the street- wild winter weather trends!

Bright Contrasts

Purple pants teamed with black uppers, bright yellow or shiny blue jackets teamed with black jeans, or basic all-black topped with a bright red scarf.  While black is king this week, the colour splash runs a close second.

wild winter weather trends- bright colours- purple pants from Don't Do Pretty

Black Leather

When the weather gets real, the brave hearts opt for black leather. Biker jackets, leather tops under hoodies, black leather boots – black leather’s everyone’s favourite this week.  Hot in accessories as well – we’re talking clutch, totes, backpacks and shoulder bags.

Black leather's a strong trend for Austrlia's wild winter weather this week


Distressed or not, if it’s ripped it’s still as hot as ever. Now worn as a badge of honour in the coldest weather, the ripped jean is nothing, if it’s not being worn out there in the street.

Trending this week - a colour splash across an all black look

Shades of Black

Who cares if the sun’s out or not? Fashionistas headed out in harsh weather this week in their darkest sunnies.  Perhaps the most enduring, international and stylish statement of all, this week, the darker the sunnies, the better.

The darker the shade the better- even in the ewildest winter weather!


The Beret

Berets are every where on Paris streets at the mome. Trad black is dominating, but reds are trending too, worn on the top, towards the back or side-on , choose what suits you best.

the beret

The Bra

Inner wear as outer wear is still big in Paris along with the rest of Europe, Asia and the US.  If it’s going to be worn “in”, current style tends dictate sheer covers.

the bra

Hang Loose

We’re seeing wider cut tailored pants or loose flowing fabrics in pants and tops, held in place by fitted waist bands or belts. Loose threads are cutting through the international street style scene in a trend that’s only getting stronger.

trends- loos pants


Men’s Totes

If you thought the man clutch was the big thing in men’s accessories, think again. We’re seeing the tote bag everywhere this week on the streets of Paris and New York.

on trend, men's cuffs


Sported on shorter, slightly looser pant legs, cuffs are hot, hot, hot, from New York to Paris and even in the UK. Roll it up if it isn’t already a feature!

Trending - cuffs on men's pant legs


That’s it for another week Revolutionaries. We can hardly wait to see what everyone’s up to next!





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