Why Monochrome Is So Popular


Monochrome Fashion

Many trends come and go, but it comes to clothing it seems like above all else Aussies are mad for  monochrome fashion.  Why exactly is single-colour dressing a staple in sartorial common sense all year ‘round? We delve into a few of the reasons monochrome is so much more than a passing trend.

Basics of Monochrome

“Women think of all colours, except the absence of colour. Black has it all. White, too. Their beauty is absolute. It is the perfect harmony.” –  Coco Chanel

While black and white ensembles tend to be the first thing that comes to mind when we think of monochromatic dressing, monochrome doesn’t apply just to this mix. Monochrome quite literally means ‘one colour’ and refers to anything in varying tones of a single colour. Before we delve into the power of all kinds of monochrome looks, let’s break down why all black, all white and black and white looks are so timeless.

A black and white clash always makes for major impact – particularly when viewed on black and white film. The stark contrast is even better in colour, so it’s hardly surprising that this on-screen staple translated to a timeless real-world trend long after the advent of colour tv.

Depending on cut and styling, black and white pairings offer endless possibilities to both minimalists and maximalists. Who doesn’t love a universally approachable trend? There’s something about the combo that always looks appropriate and fresh. Adding a red lip to the equation and you’re set to stun.

Karl Lagerfeld once noted that “black and white always looks modern, whatever that word means.” We couldn’t agree more!

Tonal Dressing

Now that we’ve cleared up the misconception about monochrome not only referring to black and white, let’s talk the full spectrum of single colour dressing.

One very basic reason wearing different shades of a single colour looks so great is that it tends to elongate your silhouette. An uninterrupted line of one colour creates a taller and slimmer appearance. Win!

Beyond this, tonal dressing amplifies one colour and all it’s associated symbolism. Colour conveys mood and emotion, so a monochromatic look will enhance that further. There’s a reason all-white outfits start gaining popularity every time the weather warms. Or why head-to-toe red looks are always showstoppers.

When it comes to tonal dressing, you can’t really fall back on contrast in order to give your outfit extra oomph. This means you’re forced to experiment with shades, fabrics, textures and prints. Getting creative with clothing makes for an original and considered look, making monochrome a winner yet again.

Incorporating lace, mesh or patent leather in a single colour amplifies a tonal look. When adding prints, all you need to do is match the base colour of the print to the rest of the outfit. You’ll find the small additions of colour don’t take away from the overall monochrome effect.

Finally, a reason monochrome dressing will never go out of fashion is that even breaking the rules of this timeless style still works. A full tonal look makes colour blocking with accessories super easy. Suddenly, you’re serving monochrome with a twist.

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