What’s Trending This Week on the Street


Well who’d have guessed what’s trending this week on the street?! We’re spotting trends in colour, jewellery and up-cycling!  The coldest weather so far this year is coinciding with some of the coolest trends, with accessories the key to individual style.  They may not be new, but they’re definitely hot. Here’s what’s trending this week on the street.

Colour Splash

Accessories with a burst of colour are giving a lift to darker, muted winter tones. From brightly coloured socks peeping out under jeans, to bandanas, scarves or even shoes, a splash of colour gives a lift to monotone winter palettes, block colours and the all-in-black look for winter.

This week on the street- bandana

Black Bottoms

Tights, stockings, fitted pants and leggings- they all have two things in common this week. They are all  black and they are everywhere. Not a new trend at all, but black bottoms are dominating this cold weather week. Contrasting with tops, vests, dresses and coats, black leg coverings rule ATM!

What's trending this week on the street - black bottoms!

Coat Capers

Wearing coats and jackets off one or two shoulders is dope right now. But that’s a look with arms in the sleeves. Bigger still is styling the coat as a cape.  Up-collar is key and sleeves are off-limits.  This is one long term trend that’s tracking big time.


Trending this week on the street

Tassel Bling

There’s nothing new about tassels on earrings, except it seems like everyone’s wearing them this week.  The colder the temp, the bigger the statement earring and the most popular trend in ear bling we’re spotting this week is the tassel.

Trending this week - earring tassles

Gold Gold Gold!

Almost all that glitters this week is gold. It’s one of the dominant trends we’re seeing in accessories.  Gold studs, watches, earrings, pendants, chokers, belt chains, belt buckles, zippers, satchels, bag straps and clasps on bags. Even RM Williams boots! Gold is one hot trend we’re seeing, favoured by both men and women.

Best street style from Mercedes-Nemz Fashion Week Australia 2017 MBFWA

What's trending this week on the street - capes

Cloth Carry Bags

With brands of all kinds packaging sold items in cloth gift bags, this is one trend that’s turned a sales item into a style trend. No matter if it’s carrying a brand name or a statement of attitude, this trend could bring about a re-think by more and more fashion outlets to get on board!

Trending - Ccoth carry bags

Best street style from Mercedes-Nemz Fashion Week Australia 2017 MBFWA

That’s it for another week Revolutionaries.  We’ll be back with another update on what ‘s trending  in city streets this time next week.



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