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With extended lockdowns being announced all over Australia, everyone wants to know what’s good on Netflix right now to help escape the daily drudge of working from home and lockdown life. Whether you’re into Netflix series, movies or docos, we’ve sourced the most popular picks right now. Grab the popcorn and relax with these top flick picks. 


Luxury fashion and fame go hand in hand, but in Halston’s case, they can quickly spiral out of control. This short Netflix series details the rise and fall of American fashion designer Roy Halston Frowick. His designs caught the eye of Jackie Kennedy, Liza Minnelli and J.C. Penny. But the temptation of drugs and the party life of the 1970s starts to take its toll on Halston as he spirals out of control. Watch for fashion and insight into the world of high-end style.

The Serpent

Amongst all the fun and adventure in 1970’s Bangkok, a killer is at large. The Serpent is a dark and suspenseful Netflix series that is inspired by shockingly real events of a conman who murders tourists along the’ hippie trail’. Be sure to watch this one with the lights on. Gripping!

The Crown
Ready to slip on the crown of a royal? Then listen closely as all their skeletons in the cupboard are revealed in these four suspenseful seasons of The Crown. Filled with twisted secrets and delectable fashion, The Crown follows the rise of Queen Elizabeth and her royal family. An outsiders glimpse into the life of a royal. For more Princess Diana fashion, be sure to hold tight for season five.

Behind Her Eyes
This is one thrilling Netflix series not to be missed, with each episode keeping you on the edge of your seat. A single mum is unwilling dragged into twisted mind games after she starts an affair with her married boss. After meeting his glamorous wife and beginning a friendship, her life is thrown into turmoil as supernatural secrets are revealed.

My Unorthodox Life
Follow the lives of Julia Hart and her family in this 9-episode Netflix series that seems like a Jewish version of Keeping Up with the Kardashians, but with more interesting people. The kicker is this story is that the CEO of a massive global fashion company, the diminutive, outspoken and sexually unconstrained Hart, achieved her wealth after fleeing penniless from her repressive Ultra-Orthordox Jewish life at the age of 41, leaving behind her youngest child.


An eye-opening tale based on the iconic singer Elton John’s life. From his humble beginnings to his drug-fueled parties, this biographical musical gives a glance into how Elton John rose to fame. Watch for the elaborate costumes and the iconic songs alone. This movie was also reported to have made the man himself cry. 

She’s All That

This iconic 1999 rom-com has shot up the charts due to its 2021 remake ‘He’s All That’. Zack (Freddy Prince Jnr) boasts that he can get any girl he wants after a vicious breakup. His friends then dare him to make over the daggiest girl in school, Laney (Rachel Leigh Cook). While the script may not be the most feminist tale, it’s the perfect movie to watch for a burst of 90’s nostalgia. 

Bo Burnham: Inside
Comedian Bo Burnham, like most of us, has been hidden away inside throughout 2020. This video diary documents his struggles with social media, quarantine and the world during a global pandemic. Inside is an amusing, but also haunting look at the year that 2020 was.

The Farewell

Have the tissues handy for an emotional movie that is based on true events. Billi (Awkwafina) learns that her paternal grandmother, Nai Nai has terminal cancer. But her family have decided to keep it a secret from her. Billi wrestles with her family’s decision and her instinct’s to tell her grandmother the truth. Heart-wrenching, but feel good, this movie is sure to have you crying and laughing at the same time.

The Woman In The Window
This ominous thriller has more twists than a game of Twister. It follows the story of Anna, who suffers from agoraphobia, and her new neighbours. But while watching from the window, Anna sees things that others do not believe. Could her daily cocktail of alcohol and medication affect her senses? Or is seeing really believing? 


My Octopus Teacher
Winner of the 2020’s Oscar for best documentary, My Octopus Teacher looks at the unique relationship between one man and a tiny octopus. Watch for breathtaking views of an underwater world that will transport you right off the couch over one and a half hours.

High Score

Ready for a trip down gaming memory lane? High Score takes a look at the gaming consoles and games that defined many a generation. Gaming creators share their tales of a bustling industry filled with crazy inventions and clever marketing tactics. Both lovers of Pac Man and Sonic the Hedgehog are sure to get a thrill from this six part series.

Conversations with a Killer: The Ted Bundy Tapes
If serial killer podcasts are your thing, then get ready to binge this now. This four-part docuseries dissects serial killer, Ted Bundy’s audio tapes in which he speaks in the third person, but never admits to his murders. The series interlaces the tapes with interviews of those who were close to Bundy, giving a powerful voice to his victims. Not one to watch before bed, as it is sure to give you spine-tingling terrors!

A harrowing look at what our love of eating fish is doing to our oceans. Seaspiracy unfolds over one and a half hours the extreme damage inflicted on our planet by commercial sea-fishing. A key documentary to watch if you are curious about what happens to your food before it reaches your plate. It’s something everyone should know about!

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