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What NOT to Get Your Mother for Mother’s Day

Mother’s Day Gift Ideas

Your number-one-fan’s big day falls on the second Sunday in May. It can take a lot of head-scratching to come up with a gift to show how much you appreciate her. But there’s a whole range of gifts that should be avoided at all costs because they scream of buying a gift to have something to give, rather than buying a genuine gift of appreciation. The big electronics and department stores are already out there spruiking their toasters – something that in our book should be avoided! Here’s our list of the worst Mother’s Day Gifts you could give that special person in your life. Do not get any of the following for your Mum this Mother’s Day.

1. Make Up

Blush, lipstick and compact foundation - not a good Mother's Day Gift

Why wouldn’t your mum possibly appreciate a gift of make-up, we hear you asking. Thing is, by the time your Mum is old enough to become one, she’s usually done with all her skin-care and cosmetic research and has strong preferences, likes and dislikes. Save yourself the trouble. Unless you are getting her more of what you know she loves and already wears, in all the right palettes and enrichments, it’s something that she doesn’t want from you and will be left in the bathroom cabinet, never to see the light of day again.

2. Vacuum Cleaner

Vacuum cleaner - bad gift idea for Mother's Day

We really thought we wouldn’t have to mention this one. But there you have it. When we opened up one of our favourite digital mens magazines, there it was in the top 5 -CAN YOU BELIEVE IT?! A vacuum cleaner. This is one time of year when you shouldn’t be going anywhere near the c-word. That’s c-for-cleaning!

In fact, anything that creates more work is going to go down like a lead balloon. Includes irons, saucepans, toasters and boring lint rollers! Go there at your own risk.

3. A Pet

Black and white tabby kitten - not a good MOther's Day Gift Idea

This one’s an absolute no-no unless you’ve already discussed and agreed that your number one fan is ready for the extra work in caring for a fur baby or any other kind of pet. Not fair to mum without her prior agreement and definitely not fair for the pet. We’ve seen this kind of gift go pear-shape more often than not. Red Flag!

4. Bathroom Scales

Fitbit scales

We don’t care if you’re contemplating the super-duper-de-luxe kind with built in wi-fi and stereo! Absolutely, under no circumstances should you get your mum a set of bathroom scales. There’s an implied message there that crosses a line that you do not want to cross!

5. Cash

Australian dollars, not a good Mother's Day Gift Idea

Nothing says you haven’t given your mum a moment’s thought more than the gift of cash. After all the years she’s invested in you – take a moment. Consider all the things she enjoys, the things that make her laugh, or put her in a good mood. Think about all the things she talks about – other than yourself – and TUNE IN to what your mum would really enjoy. It could be a thing, or it could be an experience. But it should never be cash!

6. Potpourri

Bowl of potpourri - less than ideal as a Mother's Dau Gift

Why in the world anyone would appreciate something that simply makes a room smell nice, is beyond us. Seriously. You might as well buy your mum a can of air freshener and see how well that goes down. You can do much better than potpourri. This is after all supposed to be a gift of appreciation!

7. A Self-Help Book

Don't buy mum a self-help book like this one by Dale Carnegie

You may feel that you are helping, but nothing is more patronizing than a self-help book from a younger person to an older one. Do. Not. Go. There.

8. An Empty Photo Frame

Beautiful but empty gold picture frame

A frame without a photo is like chips without salt. It’s as incomplete as it is unsatisfying. If you can’t find a photo of the two of you together, or an uplifting family photo, you’re just not trying.

9. Exercise Equipment

Ab-roller- is a bad mothers day gift idea

Take it from us. Nobody was ever disappointed because they didn’t get an ab-roller for Mother’s Day. On this one day of the year at least, exercise gear is best left where it belongs. In the gym. And in case you still don’t get the idea – that includes a gym membership, by-the-way!

10. Bath Bombs & Scented Candles

Bath Bombs - a bad mother's Day Gift because your Mum already has received so many of them

Seriously, take it from us. Your mum already has her own favourite shampoos, bath bombs and scented candles. She’s been collecting them on every other occasion, so has a drawer full. Trust us, your mum doesn’t need any more bath bombs or scented candles for Mother’s Day. She’s already got a full supply, so think of something else!

Still can’t think of a great idea for your Mother’s Day Gift? Try these ideas from Edible Blooms.

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