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It’s been a busy holiday period here at Cocktail Revolution HQ, but our fashion eyes have still been out in force scanning the city streets. What trends were we papping this week? Everything from biker jackets to bangs to berets.


This weeks trends #stripes

From vertical to horizontal, narrow to wide, it looks like our love affair with stripes is enduring into the autumn season. Both men and women alike are sporting them on everything from shirts to skirts to pants.



Fringes have been having a moment both in celeb world and on the catwalk, and now they’ve hit the street. From blunt cut to feathered to side swept, they’re the on fleek accessory for styles both long and short, for men as well as women.

this week on the street- bangs


According to our latest photo stack, the pleated skirt is still one of the key trends out on our Aussie streets. The most popular silhouette we’re seeing? The classic midi, nipped in at the waist and soft and floaty below.

This weeks trends - pleats

This Weeks trends- designer tees


 Nothing beats a short-sleeved tee for comfort and practicality, but if it’s non-branded you can forget it. Right now the look is designer label, most notably Dior, and we’re loving it tucked in 80s 90s hipster style.







Classic, preppy and the perfect weight for in-between seasons, the trench coat has always been a wardrobe staple and it looks like it’s being pulled out again. How’s it hanging? Long, loose and defiantly casual.this weeks trends- trench

this weeks trends biker jackets


 While the biker jacket has become a mainstream fashion item over the years, it still retains some rebellious Harley-riding undertones. ATM we’re seeing it teemed with feminine skirts and shirts creating some real attitude juxtaposition.


This weeks trends

 Flats continue to be the footwear of choice, from sneakers to slip-ons. But while they may be sensible in terms of comfort the designs we’re seeing presently are anything but. In fact, quirky and out there is the go.




While oversized still dominates the overseas look, we were also seeing a definite resurgence of headgear this week, from bright berets to vintage military captain hats. We even spotted the hoodie adding some stealth style.


this weeks trends- headgear


this weeks international trends - headgear















this weeks trends headgear






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