This Week’s Top Trends


The festive season is here and appears to be influencing street style in a big way. Our roundup of this week’s top trends showcases the best in international and local eccentricity.This Week's Top TrendsFashion’s finest aren’t letting a bit of bad weather rain on their parade. Transparent trenches and pea coats are keeping fashion week attendees protected from the rain while ensuring their outfits aren’t hidden.

This Week's Top TrendsVelvet has been trending all year, but there’s something about blue velvet in particular that catches our eye.This Week's Top TrendsWhile many seem to be set on simple streetwear, there remain the brave few who continue to go bolder and brighter. Wild earthy prints are keeping things exciting on the streets.

This Week's Top TrendsKeep your friends close, keep your street style partner in crime even closer. Matching duos continue to steal the spotlight at fashion weeks the world over.This Week's Top TrendsThere’s a danger of looking a little over the top when rocking a feather-heavy look, which only makes for an even more fabulous result when done right.

Dapper (19)This Week's Top TrendsClassic denim jackets are looking to be the summer’s outerwear staple on local streets. Can’t go wrong!This Week's Top TrendsRich maroon is often only associated with winter style, but local talent is showing us that needn’t be the case.

See you next week for more holiday style trends, revolutionaries!



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