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From long sleeves to layers, we were definitely seeing the effect of the cooler weather on our wardrobes this week, as well as a continuation of recent trends. Globally, suit cut jackets and wide pants grabbed our attention.

What’s on Trend – AUSTRALIA


Slip-ons and slides are having a serious moment. Whether worn with pants, shorts, skirts or dresses, they’re easy, comfy, transition well from casual to chic and are the go-to footwear for today’s street fashionistas.

Everythings trending in this street style shot of Cai Yu Chen


When it comes to fabrics, we’re still adding interest to our outfits with a wide range of textures. As well as the still popular ruffles and narrow pleats, rough flecks, ribbing and crumpled linen are also being seen.

on_trend_this_week_layers & textureson trend this week layers & textures


 Texture and wide cuffs are trending this week


 While many long sleeves designs continue to pinch in at the wrist, this week our fashion photographers have been spotting a new look on the city streets: worn wide the whole way down or opened at the cuffs.

 on trend in the street this week: wide cufs


 With summer gone, men are shying away from the tee and putting their guns back under cover. Whether sitting dead on the wrist on reaching down over the hand, we’re now in the season of the longer sleeve.

long sleeves ae on trend this week in the streetOn trend this week on the street- long sleeves


From darker hunter and army hues to brighter jades and emeralds, men are turning green into the apparel colour of the moment. As well as donning it head-to-toe, they’re even breaking the rules by teeming it with blue.

Green for men is the colour trending this week on the streetThis week on the street, the colour green's on trend



 Steering us away from the skinny, the wide leg pant seems to be the current look for legs. More tailored than the baggy silhouette of the 90s and early 00s, this time it’s tight at the waist but loose hip down.

wide leg pants are so on trend this week


 While there’s absolutely a heel or two in sight, flats are still the biggest trend pounding the pavements ATM. Women are crushing on the slide; men are mixing it up with loafers, brogues and bright white sneakers.

on trend this weekon trend

on trend






What’s on Trend – INTERNATIONAL


 It seems we’re not the only nation loving the wide leg pant. Overseas, however, the trend is a little more exaggerated and diverse (of course) with everything from flared bottoms to expansive, billowing culottes.




 Oversized jackets continue to be a popular international trend, but the latest look on the street? Buttoned up then pulled down off the shoulder. Casual, blasé, but oh so vogue, it’s got a definite 80s/90s outerwear edge.




 Suit jackets remain a staple of city slickers but come and go in street and mainstream fashion. Currently they’re back in overseas with blazers, as well as suit cut coats which copy the detail, being worn gender-wide.


If you’re loving the international trends we’re picking up from the latest snaps from around the world, remember to check out our weekly Internationals Gallery! New galleries every Wednesday!

Meanwhile, feel free to let us know of any more trends you’ve spotted on the streets yourselves, we’d love to hear!

That’s all for What’s Trending in the Street this week fashionistas!







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