This Week on the Street and at VAMFF – What’s trending


Between treading the streets for stylish street style looks, stalking the fashionistas at VAMFF and checking out what’s trending overseas, we’ve summarized the latest trends that are transferring down under. Here’s the latest that’s catching on, according to our photographers out there on the street.



When it comes to ankle apparel, it seems we’re divided. Colourful pulled-up happy socks peeking out over boots or no socks at all? Both are being worn across the genders ATM and we say either way looks awesome.


Trending no socksTrending colourful sockstrending_socks

Trending no socks


A trend seen in spades overseas last week, now starting to be seen here. Wide lapels – the bigger and wider, the better! It’s a trend that’s catching on in  Oz, not least at VAMFF.  Combined with loose fitting, oversized apparel, too big jackets hanging off the shoulders seems to be the current fave.

Trending wide lapels

trending wide lapesl

Trending wide lapels

wide lapels trending

Trending Oversized Wide LapelsTrending Oversized#shortmanbags

 There’s no shame in a man bag, in fact they’re damn handy for storing those essential items. Out on the streets, the current look is compact with a short cross-body strap.


trending man straps







 Classic black, white and brown bags certainly had their place at VAMFF, but we were also seeing plenty of colourful, attention-seeking alternatives – from bright reds and pinks to intricate rainbow lattices.


Trending rainwbow bags




Trending rainwbow bags

Trending rainwbow bagsTrending rainwbow bags



 For our fashion-conscious international friends things are looking decidedly sporty. We’re snapping sneakers with baggy pants, hoodies, converse, FILA jumpers, sweatpant skirts and a whole lot of go faster stripes.

Trending_international Trending_Internationals_3 Trending_International_2

That’s all for this week, Revolutionaries.  We’re out there snapping the best we can find, so we’ll be back next week with a summary of all the latest we’ve seen!



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