This Week on the Street – Dominant Trends


This week on the street we’ve collated a few of the dominant looks going back a couple more. Specs, earings, bomber jackets plus, these trends are dominating not only this week, but they’re continuing trends we’ve been seeing in Aussie streets for a few weeks now.


Camel Coats

While we’ve seen our fair share of bright and bold outerwear pieces this month, it seems there’s always a place for the classic camel coat. Timeless and effortlessly chic, we have a feeling this trend will stick around until t-shirt weather is upon us again. Sported by both men and women!


The Bomber Jacket

Whether it’s made of leather, silk or jersey, the bomber jacket remains a hot piece on the street. As the weather cools down even more, we’re expecting to see padded and longline bombers make an appearance too.

Corey_Zagone_Cocktail_Revolution_street_style_fashion_Melbourne_2 (1)

Flatform Shoes

Heels or flats? The question plagues many of us on a daily basis, and flatforms might just be this indecision manifested in shoe form. While canvas sneakers led this trend in the warmer months, we’re noticing a transition into the more weather-appropriate platform brogues now.

Glorai_Yang_Cocktail_revolution_street_style_Adelaide_2 (1)

Sheer Accents

Perhaps a defiant resistance against winter, sheer accents have been catching our eye lately. Lightly concealed by mesh, netting or lace, it seems skin is still in.


Perspex Specs

Both a tongue twister and a trend we just can’t stop spotting on the street, perspex specs seem to be the favoured way to keep your vision sharp and your look even sharper.


The Statement Earring

Seen catching the light in Aus and beyond, the statement earring is on the rise. Whether you’re opting for statement pieces head to toe, or just jazzing up an otherwise demure outfit with some seriously out there jewellery, this trend is one to try.



White Button Down

Just as we think we’ve tired of the classic white shirt, it pops up again, re-worked and ready to steal the spotlight.


That’s our round up for this week’s dominant trends on the streets.  We’ll be back with more, next week, fashionistas!




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