We Road Tested a New Luxe Aussie Footwear Label!


New Summer Slides by NYOF

From time to time Cocktail Revolution invites followers to try out brand new fashion and accessory products. Here’s the very latest with a brand new Aussie range of summer slides that has just hit the market!

We were sent an amazing collection of slides to Road Test and did a shout out for volunteers to give them a try. All our adventurous Revolutionaries knew was that it had something to do with footwear. Nothing else. So when they set their eyes on new luxe footwear label NYOF – Not Your Ordinary Flip Flops – it really was for the first time.

Our NYOF Road Test took place poolside at the Hilton Adelaide, where Emma Fogarty, Lilli Wells and Alex Duggan put them to the test. Check out why our Road Testers were so excited!

So, there’s a basic flop – cool all on it’s own. But what’s so clever about these little babies is that you can change them without having to buy a whole new slide! Instead of purchasing a whole new slide as you do with some of the big name designer brands, you simply and very easily change its cover, or “patch”.   This is so much more economical than buying an entirely new slide to for every outfit change!  Whether you’re going for denim, resort wear or pants, its so much easier now to have a high-end slide for all seasons, without the usual price tag.

Had your eye on those Gucci , Versace or Louboutin  summer slides, where the absolute basic women’s summer slides start at over $300?  And there’s no changing them up unless you outlay more hard-earned for a new one! (Even Gucci’s little raffia cream slides  go for a cool $775 on Matches Fashion.) New footwear label NYOF is giving everyone something to think about, with a lot less strain on the bank account. Emma, Lilli and Alex each tried a couple of  different patches and none of them got to see each other’s road test or the patches they’d each tried out until the end.

Emma, Lili and Alex after trying out the nes summer slides by NYOF

Check out this innovative new summer slides range at NYOF and follow them at Not Your Ordinary Flip Flops on Instagram.

So cool, we’re adding them to our online store of unique independent Aussie fashion and accessory labels.


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