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Designers are increasingly becoming more creative about how they connect with us.  Melbourne creative Vincent Li is already well known for his almost mystical approach to design.  Vincent’s inviting fashion lovers to a working space this Sunday to see what he does exactly and how he and his studio works. It’ll also be an “open photo shoot”.

Coinciding with his latest offering for men, “Disguise”, the reason Vincent’s decided to open his studio is in response to the many questions he’s been asked about how he works.  #lovemasquerade Vincent says it’s not a runway event, but to show how he works and how, after thinking up the concept, he comes up with the finished product.

Never conventional, Vincent tells us that his new range is in two parts “Disguise Cool” and “Disguise Warm”.  It’s based on the idea that we disguise ourselves from other people and also mask our own inner desires from ourselves.  #thinkhe’sgotapoint

In design, he’s translated this into what he describes as an armour-like silhouette. People  already following Vincent know that his designs are big on silhouette, so it will be interesting to see how he’s produced his latest theme. In his words: it’s “contrasted by different textures, panels, and layers, but can also disguise our bodies in a monochrome colour palette”.

Vincent Li usually works out of a Boyd St studio in Richmond.  To make sure there’s plenty of room for everyone, he’s relocated just for this. Vincent is throwing open the doors of a working space at Level 1, 377 Little Bourke Street this Sunday, July 31 from 11am-6pm.  You’ll have to let him know if you’re plannning on checking in, by emailing [email protected] #RSVP

In Vincent’s words, “Fashion is not superficial and is not only about the glamour”.

Vincent Li fabrics

# Vincent Li Open Door Deets

Day: Sunday,July 31, 2016

Time: 11am- 6pm

Venue: Level 1, 377 Little Bourke St Melbourne

Cost: Free

Remember: Email Vincent Li to let him know you’re coming!









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