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Twice Blessed – Q&A With Rebecca & Marissa Karagiorgos

Rebecca & Marissa Karagiorgos are the powerhouse identical twins behind Aussie fashion blog Twice Blessed. With over 150k followers on Instagram and a string of impressive collaborations behind them, these stylish sisters know a thing or two about building an online brand.

We had a chat to Bec and Marissa about style, carving out a career in fashion and the importance of staying true to yourself.

Can you tell us a bit about how Twice Blessed came to be?

We started Twice Blessed over 6 years ago when we were in our last semester of University. We were studying Marketing and had a love for Fashion & Styling so wanted to combine that all together.

What were some of the challenges you faced early on when establishing your online presence?

Being a new industry, it was very challenging to create a name for ourselves. We used a lot of our Marketing knowledge to tap into the industry and grow quite quickly.

Twice Blessed Bloggers Rebecca & Marissa Karagiorgos

How did your work and study backgrounds influence your approach to starting Twice Blessed?

We both have our BA in Marketing, but also worked in Fashion Retail for 5 years before starting Twice Blessed.

You’ve worked with some major international brands. What are some of the career highlights or pinch me moments from the journey so far?

We have been so fortunate to work with amazing local and international brands, but I think one of our favourite moments was being in Milan Fashion Week with Tods and sitting front row at their show. It was such a ‘wow!’ moment, and one we’ll never forget.

What’s your favourite thing about working in fashion?

The creative freedom to style yourself however you’re feeling and to showcase your personality through your fashion choices.

Rebecca & Marissa Karagiorgos

What do you think your followers love most about your content?

We think (and hope) it’s because our page, while very aspirational, is also very attainable.

Has the conversation around sustainability in fashion changed your approach to collaborations or the work you do?

Absolutely! We are very conscious this year of only accepting product from brands (even as PR ‘gifts’) if we feel we will actually use the products or wear them. In an effort to consume less, we’re saying no to a lot more. Just because we ‘can’ say yes to receiving something, doesn’t mean we need to.

Any words of wisdom for those hoping to stand out online in the fashion and content creation world?

Be yourself and stay in your lane. In a world full of copy-cats and people trying to be ‘popular’ by replicating someone else’s work, it’s rare and amazing to find someone who is willing to put their own stamp on the world.

Blogger street style

Best advice you’ve ever received?

Be like bamboo, bend but don’t break. In life, there are many trials and seasons that will come that can break us. It’s important to go with the flow and understand that every season has its beginning and has its end. Bend to those situations and be flexible to change.

Any trend predictions for 2020? Least favourite trend of the moment?

We’re seeing more and more a move to comfort dressing – so hopefully they sticks around. Plus – LOTS of suiting (which we love). Hopefully, the ‘Ugly Dad Sneaker’ will die off soon. We don’t mind a chunky sneaker, but some are a tad outrageous at the moment!

What’s next for Twice Blessed?

Hopefully another 2020 Fashion Week circuit and some exciting home renovation projects!

Rebecca & Marissa Karagiorgos of Twice Blessed

Follow Rebecca and Marissa on Instagram or head to Twice Blessed.


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