Turning a Young Professional into a Men’s Fashion Model


When an already stylish young Aussie is the subject of a fashion photo shoot, you’d wonder if there can be any room for improvement. Adam Birch topped the vote in September 2015 as having your favourite style and fashion look.  So he was already stylish.  Then as part of  his prize, Jack London came to the party. They presented him with a $200 voucher and a styling session for the photo shoot. Those really cool photos appear in our Winner’s Profile.  Yet there are more photos and styles that we haven’t yet shared. Just how stylist Paul Youkhana went about turning a young professional into a men’s fashion model can be seen in these new pics. We just have to share them with you!

Adam says his personal style is influenced by his profession: he’s an Urban Planner.  He prefers a more conservative look that blends in with his urban surroundings.  When he won your vote, he sported a monochrome grey look, complete with grey bow-tie. Yet his favourite outfit after his styling session involved a green blazer! Added to this was a floral neck scarf with tortoise shell sunnies. Hardly the look to blend in with the bluestone and concrete of Melbourne city. Had he not been styled by the very capable Paul with Jack London merchandise, no doubt Adam couldn’t have imagined he’d look so good in so much colour!

On top of that, until Paul selected the various accessories to help finish Adam’s look, Adam said he would never have thought of wearing them.  “I would never have picked them out.”  Yet now says Adam, “It all looked so good and was so comfortable, I’d go straight back and see Paul for a new look.”

Cocktail Revolution’s Mary Tham was there to photograph Adam’s transformation from already stylish to fashion-model-stylish. Here are the other two looks that Adam would not have put together himself, but which he loved!

Jack London re-styles Adam BirchJack London styles Adam BirchMustard blazer Jack London

All items from Jack London

Mustard Blazer: Shawl

Shirt: Sunglight

Cravat: Floral Neck Scarf

Chinos: Slim Larry Chinos

Shoes: Tan Brogue

Sunnies: Kane Sunglasses

check suit red bow tie Jack Londoncheckered_3_piececheckered_3_piece_red_bow_tiecheck_3_Piece_top_halfcheck_3_piececheck_3_piece_jack_london_bag_finalAll items from Jack London

Three Piece Suit: Navy Faith Suit

Shirt: Oxford

Bow Tie: Red Pin Dot

Pocket Square: Altham

Shoes: Tan Brogue

Stylist: Paul Youkhana

Photographer: Mary Tham

Model: Adam Birch


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