Thursday, June 8, 2023

January 2020 – Australian Bushfires

Special Tribute Gallery to the Firies – Australian Bushfires

We’ve seen a horrendous start to 2020 with the bushfires wiping out almost everything in their path.  Acknowledging the enormity of this ecological and human tragedy, we decided to postpone our regular weekly street style gallery until the blazes were at least under control. Thankfully, with yesterday’s rains, the bushfires are for now under control. They still pose a danger, however.

In a tribute to the selfless and heroic actions of the Firies, our first gallery for 2020 covers some of the incredible images that have been taken since the fires started in September 2019, through to this week. Some were taken by professional photographers, some on mobile phones by people going through the worst experience of their lives, and at least one was taken on a Go-Pro as its 19-year old photographer, India Macdonell, fought a massive and exhaustive blaze with her dad to save their house! For this reason, the quality of images varies.

We have omitted some of the most distressing images of native animals, livestock and pets.   This week, our timer is set to zero as there won’t be any voting for this special tribute gallery. Please feel free to leave your comments or questions below.


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