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Finally, at least some of the time we’re all enjoying spring weather and the trends that go with it.

In this week’s trend report we’re looking at what they’re sporting overseas, so you all know the trends heading this way that suit spring weather. Local trends too! Here’s what’s trending this week.

Trending this week - studs

A stud resurgence is upon us! If you’re looking to refresh your wardrobe for spring without the price tag, a DIY approach to this trend might be for you. Crafternoon, anyone?

Dapper (23)Buttoned up, worn as a dress, cinched at the waist, off one shoulder, off both…the ‘men’s shirt’ is endlessly versatile. We’re spying a shift away from classic neutrals to more vibrant prints and colours.

Dapper (22)The humble pinafore is leading the pack in trends this week. What’s not to love about a dress-overalls hybrid?

Dapper (20)Feeling blasé about belts? Spring is for suspenders! The businesses of styling suspenders without looking like you’re in costume can be tricky, but that’s half the fun.

Dapper (21)Sneakers have been embraced in a big way this year by fashion week glitterati, and now they’re throwing out the rulebook when it comes to pairing their comfiest footwear with more formal attire.

Dapper (25)Be plagued no more by the question of whether to wear heels or flats – simply settle for the best of both worlds. From Stockholm to Seoul, we just can’t stop spotting flatforms!

Dapper (19)Dapper (27)When it comes to eyewear trends this season, we have a clear winner.

Dapper (26)Thanks to their universally flattering fit, culottes have continued to be a key piece in our wardrobes all year long. Playing around with textures and pastel colours will revive this trend for spring.

More next week, fashionistas! ?



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