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Top Melbourne Events 2022

Sustainable September

There are so many top Melbourne events in 2022 and September promises heaps for anyone with the slightest interest in preserving our planet. Sustainable September is upon us! If you’ve ever been curious about how to leave a lighter footprint, here’s your chance to find out how. There’s a lot happening with a whole swag of events scheduled to help you start living a greener life.

Sustainable September at Fed Square

Melbourne Events 2022
Fed Square

Fed Square is ready to celebrate spring with their Sustainable September line up. There’s so much to see and do, from expert panel discussions to being able to shop cruelty free clothing. Gobble up some delicious food at their vegan market, find the golden worm and upskill to a zero waste hero.

Collective Fashion Justice Clothing Swap

Melbourne Events 2022
Collective Fashion Justice

Spring is the perfect time to clean out your wardrobe and swap those looks you’re no longer into for something new to wear in spring and summer. Not only can you walk away with a new look, ethical knitwear company Willow and Claude will be screening their must see short film on the ethics of our clothing. A host of fashion experts will also be chatting all things sustainable fashion while you chomp on yummy vegan food. 

Learn to Repair Rips & Tears

Melbourne Events September 2022
Julia English

Holes in our clothes are bound to happen, but its no longer a reason to just throw them in the bin! Take matters into your own hands and learn how to mend any holes before they become a problem with mending marvel, Julia English. Julia is also holding a class on making your own needle book, perfect for all your future mending.

Stories of Sustainability and Regeneration

Sustainable September 2022
Start Regenerating

Want to know what the year 2030 will look like and how we can achieve it? Then waste no time in booking tickets to this must see screening of Regenerating Australia. Six local sustainable businesses will also be sharing their own ethical values over finger food.

Suitcase Rummage

Sustainable September Melbourne Events 2022
Suitcase Rummage

Prahan Square turns into a mini market with Suitcase Rummage where you can buy, swap and haggle. With anything there from handmade earrings to preloved clothing, chances are you’ll find something you’ll love to take home with you.

Worm Power!

Sustainable September Events Melbourne 2022
Compostable Kate

While this one is of huge appeal to the kids, the rest of us who are curious enough can also find out more about what goes on under our feet! Learn what worms really get up to in the dark and how they can make our sustainable journey so much easier.

Detox Your Home

Sustainable September Melbourne 2022
Sustainability Victoria

Your general waste bin isn’t the place for harmful household chemicals. Drop them off at a local Dextox Your Home drop off point. Herbicides, weed killers, pesticides and cooking oil are just some of the chemicals accepted. Use it as a chance to spring clean your home. Hurry, these sell out fast!

Declutter & Reduce Waste The Ethical Way

Sustainability September Events Melbourne
Tanya Lewis, Eco-orangiser

Let Eco Organiser Tanya Lewis show you how to ethically declutter your home just in time for spring. Tanya’s workshop will also show you how to control your waste in the future to create a peaceful home.

Revamp Market

Melbourne Events 2022

Revamp Market is one very popular thrift market. This monthly event, held at Welcome to Thornbury, it’s attended by hundreds who flock to find the best preloved and vintage outfits and knick-knacks. You’ll find anything from vintage 1920s looks to sweet 90s styles. With a bar, food trucks and the convenience of paying by phone or card, grab your friends for a sustainable day out.

Ethical Clothing Week

Sustainable September ECA

The good folk at Ethical Clothing Australia have announced that they’re putting on Ethical Clothing Week again. The dates are 19-23 September and while the programme is yet to be released, head to their website in the next few days to be the first to find out what’s in store!

This post was written by Jenna Flood.

Jenna flood

Jenna is a Slow Fashion Stylist Known as the Ironic Minimalist. Jenna earned a Masters of Styling at the Australian Style Institute and along with Cocktail Revolution has been published in the websites of ASI, Ethical Clothing Australia, and has had her styling work shown in Flanelle and Moss Magazines.

Like this? You’ll also want to check out more posts by Jenna, including Your Guide to Sustainable Fabrics in Your Wardrobe and Plastic Free July.

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